Nest mode revealed, thoughts?


Nest has been revealed by ign today :slight_smile:

In the second video you can see the mini goliath

Phill talks more about the new Nest mode in the interview with IGN.

Monster Vs Monster gamemode

someone do the cool video on thread thing so i can watch it at work. much appreciated.


Someone make a ‘You spin me right round’ GIF of that Tyrant spinning Parnell in the water xD


This looks really REALLY cool. I love the way minions work. I have to ask though, are they all stage 1 Goliath, or are there other kinds in other maps/matchups? Whatever it is, it is awesome!

EDIT: also, that locational egg damage is beautiful! Dang!


They are the same size as a stage 1 goliath but they have all the abilities :slight_smile:


What happens when you hatch the egg ?


You get a mini me to help you


A goliath spawns and helps the monster :slight_smile: The hunters still need the minion-goliath to win the game.


Lol thats crazzzzzzyyyyyy :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster:


hopefully its a mini whatever monster your playing as… mini behemoth just doesn’t sound correct lol


I think it always will be a goliath, they did not mention another monster type spawn but who knows :slight_smile:


well they have ai made up for all monsters so I would assume its possible for any


The minions are a weakened Stage 1 Goliath. They have abilities like the normal Goliath does, and they like to get up in the Hunters’ grill.

For tech and gameplay reasons (I’ll likely get into all that later), minions are always the mini Goliaths.


GIVE US MINI KRAKEN :kraken_stare:
Evyryone here wants mini krakens :kraken_stare:
Guys like this post for Kraken :slight_smile:


Mini behemoth! but yah it’ll be interesting to hear gameplay wise why only goliath is suitable for the mode. Maybe bc he is ground based brawler and multiple lightning strikes would be unfair lol


I like how the eggs have an outer shell that you break through. It reminds of a hard boiled egg.


MINI krakens EVERYWHERE :slight_smile:


I had heard a lot about this mode but I really like how they’ve done it. Only mini goliaths is kind of a bummer because I doesn’t keep with the idea that the eggs belong to the monster. I like the idea of trapper going off on his own because surely they can use the mobile arena to contain 1 (or 2 if close by enough) egg/s to damage them without being disturbed by the monster. Although from the looks of things those eggs are tough!


It looks fun enough, certainly a good mode for the competitive scene, but it lacks any of the intrigue and intensity of the hunt mode for me.


How would the mobile arena help? :slight_smile: the monster can still enter it and if he’s inside he can down the trapper to get out.