Nest mode balance needed


Nest mode lacks balance hunters can split up and even if you get to them you have 2 hunters cross map to then catch up 2.

Camping the last egg doesn’t even work because characters like Cabot can just shot it through you. There really isn’t much to say even downed hunters can damage an egg. It is frustrating to know you can out fight a group of hunters but they can burst down the eggs twice as fast as you kill them.


Just think though Rescue is the exact opposite you can just run to the survivors before the hunters can get to them and they often take the longest rout possible or get stuck on things


Its seems fair to me so far. I’ve played 9 matches as a monster and only lost three times. I’m on XB1 . I evolve to stage two ASAP, hatch the nearest egg to me and try to force an elite wild life with me and the minion. That way I pressure the trapper to trap all of us in the arena. I avoid the trapper as much as possible to keep the moblie arena up as long as I can or till the trapper realizes it’s a bad situation and brings the arena down. The three times I lost, I went against a very well coordinated Hunter assault and brought me down stage two no armor. They made quick work of me. I was an Goliath most of the nest mode. Just keep playing til you get better. You’ll get there.


Odd, I came in here expecting complaints that the monster always wins Nest. You get the pre-game timer like hunt, except you already start away from the hunters and you can pick up a heat-seeking minion. Seriously, that red guy knows exactly where the hunters are.

Just hit stage 2, pick up a little armor, and follow the minion. Hunters seriously cannot handle both at once without having some crazy teamwork. They try to focus your minion? Destroy one of their squishy not-assaults. They focus on you? Laugh as your minion destroys one of their squishy not-assaults. Or better yet, target whatever the minion’s targeting, and then even assaults have a rough time.

I actually came in to complain about the additional minion map effect in campaign when on the Nest mission type. That minion has grotesque amounts of health compared to Nest minions, but that’s just the start. The hunters have to kill it or you to win the nest mission, since it’s technically a minion. Instead of blindly chasing the hunters, the extra minion follows the monster, making it even more devastating.


What I’m wondering is, which one is the tankiest ? The minion or the egg ?


The minion is generally better. It adds damage and is mobile. However, the egg rapidly regenerates to full health after a ~20 second delay of not being attacked and only takes a fraction of damage if one is attacking the shell. It depends on hunter composition as well, since something like Markov can burst one down with 3-4 mines by alternating sides where one is placed.

Another minor oddity is that Cabot’s rail gun strikes the egg twice, based on damage ticks when he is the only hunter on it.


hit full armor stage one hatch a minion. this camouflages you as you look EXACTLY like the minion. then you rofl stomp the hunters. if you dont. hit stage 2 repeat. only once have i needed to hit stage 2 to win.

*note this mostly applies to goliath!


Two games of rescue I had survivors run toward the monster their AI needs a bit of tweaking.


I used to have the same problem, but I’ve found a strategy that works pretty well. The minions are quite valuable actually, so I get to stage 2 as quickly as possible, get my armor back up, and hatch the nearest egg. Ideally, after hatching one, you should still have two left. Then, your minion will automatically go to the hunters, so you just follow it and go jump on the hunters and wipe them. If they split, then you’ve just killed two and the minion will continue to auto locate the rest.

Hands down, though, Nest mode is the most difficult for me to win. There should probably be some tweaks made to it.


Unless the split hunter is bucket who can solo those two eggs and can pretty much solo your minion, since it keeps running through turrets, meanwhile his team mates respawn.


Often times I’ve noticed hunters will split in nest mode and if you have the additional minion they just go focus eggs out. Since it doesn’t locate them if one splits you don’t know till they start to damage an egg. Normally with the additional minion I just lose cause trapper medic assault will just doom me and support can solo eggs. Hank can insta burst one just break the shell on top then drop orbital finish with cutter. Cabot double hits eggs doing insane damage because the rail gun treats the shell like a wall.


Yeah, I made a post concerning that strategy.