Nest mode and manually improving Egg armor


So, I was thinking of a way to make nest mode a little more engaging and make the hunter strategy of splitting 3 and Bucket less viable.

The primary problem I have with the mode is that getting a three man wipe is just not worthwhile. You know that Bucket is still out there, and you know that he can melt any egg faster than you can get to it.

With that in mind, I would like to see an ability to fortify your eggs manually. Similar to hatching them, if you went to them and held, let’s say ‘F’, you could increase their hitpoints up to 2x, and/or heal them if they’ve taken damage. This would give you something to do if you get that 3 man wipe and you’re waiting for the rest of the team to drop.

Most teams, if you’re down to two eggs, will simultaneously assault both eggs, again with 3 men and Bucket alone. No matter what you chose, you lose an egg, and you can’t even possibly win off of the fight. You wipe whoever came to your egg, then they back off and wait out the timer then come to the last egg and don’t even bother fighting you and just focus the egg.

Personally, I don’t care to level to stage 3 in Nest. Every match I’m fighting only 3 at best, so I know I don’t need the extra power. I’d like something to do to have some agency against this ‘Ignore the Monster’ strategy. If I can make the egg have enough health by using time I could have spent feeding, I think I should have a reasonable chance at forcing a real fight at the last egg instead of just being ignored. I don’t even care about making the mode easier for the monster, necessarily. I just want to actually fight you guys, not be ignored.

Nest mode balance needed