Nest minions can detect invisible players (very frustrating)


Minions spawned from eggs in Nest mode know exactly where players are even when they are invisible, perfectly landing attacks. It seems to happen only when the minion is engaged in combat, but I haven’t confirmed it. I’m sure this is not designed behavior, since the monster itself can’t detect invisible players even when smelling.

Furthermore, minions always know where the players are, even if they are across the map, and go towards them. So the monster can just follow the minion to find the players. This is in contrast to the Goliath minion obtained from one of the map effects, which follows the monster around instead (a much more reasonable behavior).

Anyone else have this frustrating experience? Our team rarely picks Nest anymore because of the omniscient X-ray vision minions. We’re playing on PC.


Yes, ir’s stupid how he knows where you are even when you’re clearly far away, AI are suppose to act, human, it’s imposible that they can have a huge smell range


I had this same issue a bunch of times with minions and the main monster playing on Solo Evacuation. I got “discovered” standing alone when cloaking with Laz. I had no companions next to me getting threat, I wasn’t burning revealing my position, etc. Both of them (Goliaths) came running and punching me with melee while I already was cloaking few seconds before they head to me. Tried to fly to an upper peak when still on the last seconds of cloaking and they climbed chasing me too. :sweat_smile:

Happened on PS4.


I generally agree with this, monster players will hatch one to find the last player, not sure if intended, seems like a legit strategy.

However, I’ve also experienced the minion losing my tracks while cloaked.

I think this can be easily fixed if the minion just protected the monster instead of acting like a blood hound. But there are advantages to both really.

Happens on PC too.


yup, i do it too. Get to stage 2 quicly, get some armor and pop a minion… leads me straight towards them… good game everybody!