Nest Minion Bug


Map: Wraith Trap
monster: behemoth (jade)
Map perk: minion

Lazarus, Cabot, Maggie, Hyde

He didn’t hatch a single egg during the match, but had a minion from winning the previous game.

After killing all the eggs, the game didn’t end as normal. Instead, it continued and the monster and his minion ended up winning after incapping us all.

I will assume that the extra minion cause a bug in which the game thought it was hatched from an egg


Nope, the minion he got from the beginning counts as a “hatched” minion, no bug, its intended


Listen to Quirkly, he’s with the Illuminati. He knows everything. :wink:


I’ve never heard that before. Definitely nice to know now though.


When you come against a monster with that map effect id recommend killing it first, if you leave it alive too long its armor will fully generate, leaving you the challenge of fighting a fully armored monster as well as a fully armored stage 1 Goliath
Not fun -.-


Since that’s settled and not a bug, would you like me to close the thread?

Edit: Actually just tag me when you do want it closed since you guys are still talking a bit.


Go right ahead. I didn’t know of that so I assumed it was being buggy as it was the first time i ran into it

Thanks everyone