Nest - Best support and medic?


Who do you think are the best support and medic for nest?

Trapper and assault are pretty straightforward: Abe for his damage and Parnell for his ability to utilize weak points on the eggs (Hyde could also be an option, but thats personal preference, Markov is clearly the weakest in nest).

For support, I can’t decide between Bucket and Cabot. Cabot to boost damage to kill eggs in no-time, or Buckets ability to take out eggs single-handedly with sentry guns?

Same with Medic, can’t decide. Val for more damage or Caira to get to the next egg faster?

Please tell who you think are the best characters for nest and why.

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

Caira to outpace the monster and get to them quickly.


caira + bucket. run as a team and only do 40% damage to egg and keep moving. by the time u reach the next egg buckets turrets have ended it.


My preferred combinations are:
Bucket and Lazarus
Hank and Val


I love Bucket Teams. I murder them when they split :smiley:


I have only played one game of Nest since the official release and we used Hank to drop a strike on the eggs when they were about halfway gone.


I believe Cabot is better in terms of pure damage. Besides Bucket’s UAV ability is kinda slow to use and you probably won’t have a chance to use it in nest mode.

I don’t think Caira is good for nest. Her speed boost is nice but you need damage more. Two choices here - Val or Lazarus. Both have damage increase ability. But Parnell and Abe have shotguns so the more dots you have the better. So probably Lazarus is the best bet.


Hank. I have won best matches alone with hank, and two were against wraith players.


VAL and Bucket…

:Caira: has too low damage to crack egg,

Making weak point is the best for non-move things, and Val’s rifle is more helpful than lazarus’s


Nowadays most Monsters seem to attack alongside a minion at stage 1 with armor.

The minion always focuses the Medic, so I have to vote Caira for her survivability.

Hank could be good with the shield for the Medic, but its hard to say he is the absolute best.


Nah Val is actually the weakest, her sniper rifle is too slow & it doesn’t do a lot of damage, Caira with her sprint & nades are way more effective. Also you have to consider the minions & the health bursts from Caira are again a lot more effective.


well, IF I should worry about Minion attacking, I may select Caira for best performance of mine, and to heal teammates at 2 vs 4 battle,

but Only for dealing damage to egg, Val is the best :stuck_out_tongue:


Val can make weak point which helps teammate to deal damage X 1.5

even it’s an egg!

that’s why I mentioned her :smile:


Yeah, I use her sometimes, her tranq’ can be handy too - which is mainly for hunting though & pointing out the silhouette of the monster. i like the healing with Caira as it’s easy to heal a pack of hunters & when you’re jumping around like a mad (wo)man… I find Vals heal is pretty slow.


That, more or less. Kill the eggs as much as you can (Hyde’s as good or better than Parnell for this, alternating grenades, flamethrower & minigun all damage eggs). Drop Bucket’s turrets on them, but don’t expect the turrets to do all the work if you move on unless you’re playing against the AI; Monsters can just take them out, then you’ll have to go back. Don’t split up unless there’s 3 of you trapping and fighting the monster while the last guy goes off to kill eggs, but never against the monster + minion. Caira can help with speed as well as keeping herself alive when you have to fight the monster and minion together.


Best Nest Team in my Opinion:

-Markov, because he is the best for defending against Minions and his Assault Rifle does pretty good Damage on weak spots
-Abe, because of his stasis Nades and his Shotgun is great against the Eggs
-Lazarus, for setting of weak Spots
-Bucket, he can kill Eggs on his own so you can split in 2 Teams


You kidding? He pops eggs just as fast if not faster than Parnell can. Plus Hatched Minions will facederp into the mines without a care in the world. Every. Time.

Use his Arc Mines. The egg sets em off, just run around the egg laying and replacing 3 mines around it. It’ll pop fast, plus you can lay out the last couple and start towards the next, and seconds count in Nest, I think anyways :smiley:


Wait, you can use mines on eggs? Well, that makes things different… I’ll take that back because I didn’t know about the mines. Thanks for letting me know!


Bucket for sure, he can go kill 4 eggs by himself. and id say val for the weak spot and slowing minions. abe and parnell as well.


Lazarus for Nest is fantastic. I usually go Val, Cabot, Abe and Parnell- because if Laz puts down a bunch of weakspots and Cabot amps the egg, and Abe and Parnell unload…Well.

Bucket is also great- turrets will murder eggs.