Nerfs/Buffs Post-Launch: Who do you think will change?


This thread is to discuss out of speculation who do you think will be nerfed or buffed after the game is released?

Bucket - He’s a really good support, his only problem that is consistently brought up with him is his UAV. If anything gets tweaked it’ll most likely be this ability, but this could change once people play him more.

Lazarus - If I had to pick a medic that would most likely get changes it’s probably him, due to him being a one-trick pony and this might hurt him in higher skill level of play where competent Monsters can shut him down easily, but time will tell.


What is wrong with buckets UAV?


One of the biggest complaints is that his body lags behind when he’s in his UAV, so when an engagement happens he’s gotta catch up to the fight.

Another one I don’t like is the UAV has limited use in a fire fight, since you’re mostly swapping between missiles and sentry guns, whereas the other Supports have three abilities they can reliably juggle between in most fights.


A decent laz (And a team that supports him) will probably be just as good as the other heals (Perhaps more so, you won’t see as many in pugs so you’ll have less practice in handling him)


Depends on how you use the UAV, I used in two situations, when the dome fell and he starts running away, or when we have chased him to the corner of a map, by the time you tag him he’ll be turning around and heading towards you again anyway.

Not having a use for the UAV during a fight is fine, Bucket supports by doing more damage, put out some turrets and then spam the rocket launcher (And don’t forget the invisibility :smile:)


It’s slow and has linear uses. You use it when a dome goes down. That’s it. Any other time, and it’s basically just a waste.
That’s not to say it wasn’t capable of doing its job. I just wasn’t a huge fan, myself. Nor was anyone I played with, especially the guy that streamlined playing Bucket the whole time. xD

My vote’s on Griffin. He’s good, but I don’t think he’s better than Maggie or Abe in any way. He spends too much time being rewarded for shooting, and standing, reloading, repeating. Defeats the purpose of being the mobile class, imo. Though, I know there are a lot of die-hard Griffin players. I just think Maggie and Abe are better, not so much that Griffin is bad. Could be just preference, but I did not see any Griffins that “Wow!'d” me, and I was not capable of making him impress me, either (I’m bad, your bad, yeah I know cool story). Whole lot of Hurry Up and Wait, which seems contrary to the speed of the game, which is always fast-paced.


I can kind of see that as a problem but in my opinion that is the down side to having a safe and fast way to get an early spot on the monster. Now that i am thinking about the UAV, i remember not liking how i hear what is around buckets body and not what is around the UAV, so i cant track with sound like i would if i was on foot.


Griffin is definitely one of the more complicated Trappers. His Harpoon gun can’t be spammed like Mines or Grenades and it requires positioning and aiming to have good efffect.

I do like how he can tether the monster at will and the sound spikes are pretty beastly.


In the hands of a good player I think I’d be most concerned fighting a Griffin, sound spike in an arena plus that superior control with the harpoon gun, most of the time Maggie’s harpoons felt wasted, 4 hit me all at once and break together? the player shoots the harpoon pointing at the monster, so when it primes he’s already walked over it to chase her?

Give me a skilled Griffin and skilled Maggie and I’ll probably be more annoyed taking down the Griffin


Then I can’t say you’ve fought a good Maggie. I think Maggie is more strategic, as you have to plan 5 seconds in to the future, as opposed to what harpoons you need right now.
Like I said, Griffin’s not bad, but you’re either spending a lot of your time staring, waiting for the chance to shoot, and preventing the leap smash of a lifetime, or your standing there, waiting, watching the monster be harpooned. There’s no active participation, outside of positioning.

If you’re taking them down, the Griffin will be easier. The harpoon does nothing if you’re targeting him. xD Silly rabbit. :stuck_out_tongue:


It takes a corpse 45 seconds to decompose. If the monster wants to camp it that long go ahead. The other hunters will keep damaging the monster so it can’t eat it.

There is no “alternate way” to play Lazarus - he is a one trick pony character. Then again, when that pony is a rabid avatar of resurrection, why would you want anything else?


When I played in the Big Alpha, I have to say I liked Griffen a little more than Maggie.
Those sound spikes were nasty for monsters who don’t sneak (especially when placed correctly) and that harpoon gun is great for stopping the monster. Monster coming to you? Jetpack away and reposition. Also that SMG doesn’t do the best damage, but that range. I saw @Maddcow once abuse a spot on The Dam where he could just keep firing at the Kraken before it could destroy the relay. Griffen just needs a lot of time for the sound spikes and some clever use of the harpoon gun.
Though I wouldn’t mind if they made they harpoon gun take 2 swipes (or 1 big swipe) to break.
Personal differences I guess.


I felt bad for that Kraken, it was a nice example of amazing gameplay though


Anyone have a link to that video?


I think the 2 swipe idea would do wonders, and would totally overhaul my opinion, putting him on an equal level with Maggie and Abe. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, I can see preference taking a large role, here. Not to mention, the amount of time I’ve spent experiencing the game thus far has been limited, so I imagine once I get to play around with him more, perhaps I’ll be less bad, or less biased against him. xD

Daisy is like a god, basically. I don’t use her for tracking, or doing anything, really (cuz dat AI tho). I just let her do her thing. Her mere existence is enough to bless me with the confidence and strength of 10 men. Nothing like a trusty pet to look on at you from the distance while you bleed out, crying for help. <3


The ability as an support to have a UAV is kind of a advantage itself as it can seek out the monster easily if you know where it is however a powerful ability like a UAV so it has a price which you have to stay still. But you are able to cover your are with turrets and get to higher ground to better your chances. But the character is still great I used him a lot of the time when I unlocked him and my team in ahpla never lost when I was support or assault but the UAV is a big reward and a big risk that can pay off.


Move to the middle of the map, lay down turrets, get high and UAV is a good strategy. Also deploying it as the mobile arena goes down.


and cloak after you take the head off… buys a little time so the monster cant find you :smiley:


I love Griffin to death, but IMO he either will be or needs to be balanced before launch. His submachine gun is a waste of inventory space, as it does nearly nothing. The harpoon gun is excellent, maybe the most underated tool for the hunters, but as previously mentioned it promotes a less mobile gameplay style, which is not good in a game all about moving and dodging. The sound spikes are almost too good. Overall, I think people don’t want to give up the ultimate tracking ability (Daisy, of course) to play as Griffin, so what needs to happen is Griffin gaining a real reason to pick him over Maggie+Daisy.


If anything I just want Hyde to feel satisfying to play and that I’m actually doing damage. From what I played of him in the Big Alpha I just didn’t enjoy him and never really felt I’d want to pick him over Markov. I like his character a lot more too, but maybe I’ll have a different opinion of him during the Beta.