Nerfs & Buffs Are Ruining The Game, Thanks Community


TRS nerfs Wraith’s speed and the mobility of her abilities

TRS nerfs Kraken’s Vortex by an extra second on CD and shortens the length of it’s knockback

TRS adds new hunters that COULD combat Wraith’s fast speeds and mobility and quickly recover from Kraken’s Vortex pre-patch

TRS makes it so that monsters can’t hear the mobile arena or the VO callouts

TRS adds the Behemoth (whom will probably be nerfed after his health is fixed because the majority of the community are CASUALS who cry and throw up arms calling OP at their first loss)


This game was about 4 hunters, with very specific roles, who would go up against what the developers called an "Overpowered Boss Monster"

Why would people buy this game?
To fight Overpowered Boss Monsters & play as Overpowered Boss Monsters of course!

So here is what gets me…

Why would the majority of the community call everything OP and say it is unfair and ruining their game experience (due to lack of coordination, communication, tactics and just plain being bad at the game) when they bought Evolve to again, fight Overpowered Boss Monsters & play as Overpowered Boss Monsters?

It doesn’t make sense.

This game is being ruined by it’s community and little by little playing as a monster is becoming the worst part of the game, when it should be the most favored part.

@MacMan Why are you guys doing this? You are listening to the wrong people. You’re balancing the game to the pick up and play crowd, which is not who you should be catering to. I’m holding onto this game as long as I can and I will continue to, but as of now I’m starting to play Solo exclusively just to avoid hypocritical hunters who claim a monster is cheap, using cheap tactics, or just plain terrible, when in fact they use more cheap tactics that nobody bats an eye to because “Monsters are OVERPOWERED”.

People complain about a monster avoiding conflict until Stage 3 and running? About how the monster evades them at every corner and demand speed nerfs to said monster?
Well I’d be running to if I had the disadvantage of being ultra squishy with Overpowered Boss Hunters tracking my every move half the time.

I mean, how fair is it to be one mediocre monster, and fight 4 Overpowered Boss Hunters? Not fair at all.

Why give hunters the abilities of OTHER hunter classes?
So casual players and pubs don’t have to do their job half the time because 2/4 hunters have almost all their abilities across the board?

People still say they can win a match against hunters with recent monster changes, and good for them, but the majority of players cannot and the people who primarily played hunter have smashed Wraiths, and eventually will smash Behemoth into the ground.

Hunter players complaining about pounce?
Well too bad, it is the only guaranteed thing to killing a hunter the majority of the time, and as of now with Tier 4, is perfectly viable and a good counter against them and previously buffed hunters.

Why not nerf Goliath? Is it because he is the fan favorite and people would stop playing and talk trash to anyone who said he was OP?

If the hunters are going to get buffed over and over while monsters are made useless against them then I have lost all hype for the 5th monster, it is practically dead before it has even started development.

When Behemoth gets fixed how long will it be until he gets nerfed and made another mediocre monster that craves punishment? What point is there in even fixing the health bug for him? Seriously?

The majority of the community is ruining your game, and you need to put your foot down @MacMan

Rant Over

This thread is spot on!
You know what? I hate Stage 2. This is why

game needs balance and it should be fun to play to have a future, was not the case with wraight and kraken is still the most broken monster (not saying t4 isnt a bit op too)


If the game was meant to be balanced it would be 4 hunters against 4 monsters of equal strength to the hunters. This game was marketed and MADE to be an asymmetrical game, which means unbalanced. How is 4 human players against one balanced? It isn’t and people need to realize that before the community kills this game and ruins its reputation further.

The game is NOT fun when 9 times out of 10 the Monster player loses and gets screwed over by the laughable balancing.

The ‘balance’ was FOUR minds with powerful aspects taking on ONE mind with enough power to stomp them all but could still be outwitted.


Please don’t forget to mention they are completely ignoring the people who are giving them really good quality feedback with details and videos outlining all the points and reasoning of that said feedback. :rage:


You sir have said what I have been trying to put into words for a long time. I don’t agree with everything but the main idea is flawless. Here here!!! :fist:


The whole point of this forum is to discuss the game, I don’t know whats wrong with people giving feedback on how they feel about the game whether something needs to be nerfed or buffed (granted if it’s coherently typed).


I completely agree with @Hexin_Ex

I have the same opinion as you as well on the wraith. I believed she just needed a nerf on her traversal speed, but the developers went further and went to her supernova (damage dealer) which could only last to kill one hunter, 2 if lucky. They nerfed the warp blast, and I forgot what else. The wraith has low health and armor which already makes her vulnerable towards her health and death. At least buff up her armor or health and this could be understandable.

And just like how you said, the monster was meant to be challenging but it could become a negative or a positive. If the monsters were already challenging then imagine the player’s who are well skilled, I bet they would take players out with ease. Yes, it could help the players who are getting accustomed to the monster but as you could see, the management and effectiveness of the monster will give all sorts of inconsistent data to the developers.

But yeah, there’s a lot of “balancing” that was not necessary and some that crossed the line.


Yeah my faith in them lessens every day slowly but ever so surely. It’s sad :confused:


A kool story that runs with OP’s theme.


The whole point is to listen to everyone’s feedback, not just the ones with the most “Blank is OP” threads.

People bitch and moan about how hard Dark Souls is, but do the devs make it easier? No they say this is how we made the game, learn to play it, and people LOVE that game for it’s difficulty BECAUSE of how unbalanced it is. What makes Evolve so different? Is it because of the anti-Evolve bandwagon at it’s birth? Maybe, who the hell knows anymore!


If Turtle Rock wants this game to stay alive and healthy, they need to tone it down on obeying the community’s every whim. You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT be successful if you try to please every single person. There are bad and good players. The bad players complain and something changes to their benefit, then the good players are brought down, and complain about it. Endless cycle endless cycle. It’s a recipe for disaster and its disappointing to know a developer I respect so much is choosing to go down that path.

The monster HAS to be overpowered. Teamwork is the hunter’s greatest ally, one or two hunters should never be enough to take a monster alone. Yeah there are players out there that are so good with the monster that unless you have an amazing team, you can’t beat them… but so what? Some battles are meant to be lost, and if anything it will teach you to overcome your weaknesses.

Behemoth is a joke right now. I know a fix will come for his damage reduction… but judging by how much they are crippling the other monsters as well, I feel like I can’t get my hopes up very high for him. I know I’m preaching to the crowd right now, It’s just really upsetting…


Exactly! Battlefield 3 is a great example where the developers listened to the community so much. So what did they did? They nearly or to all nerfed every little thing that was released as new content. The game later just started to be less fun.

  • Overall speed reduction on Traversal & Warp Blast.
  • 2 Second longer wait for Decoy and a 1/2 Second reveal when your hit, which means against experts you’re NEVER cloaked – EVER.
  • Abduction grab range at level 2 or higher was reduced significantly turning it into an insane long distance skill shot.
  • Abduction suffered as a side effect to the Warp-Blast & Decoy nerfs so it’s harder to actually get distance mid-battle to use it, and the speed reduction doesn’t help either as you need to desperately save traversals to dodge hunters and so you can never setup abductions with ease in a tough fight.
  • Still has the 10 second Val slow, despite having her overall speed reduced dramatically, when tranqed but people seem to have forgotten this because they are using Slim now.


Personally, i feel wrath, and even a large part of the community might agree that the wraith was over nerfed. I hope that they will alter this in an upcoming patch that we all know T4 will need.

What i really hope DOESN’T happen is that they decide to nerf the kraken! As soon as i saw the patch notes giving it a buff i knew that it would be next in the target of “OP Thread”.

I feel if you don’t play the monster, and you’re casually playing the game creating such threads are harmful to the community in the long run.

The 4 on 1 is meant to make it challenging for both parties. Since you out number the monster you must employ tactics to trap it instead of just chasing after it until it hits stage three. Stage 3 isn’t an instant win but you need to have teamwork.

I feel a lot of people when they first come into this game miss all this and just want to make it easier for the side they play.

Honestly, when i first started playing i thought the monsters where too powerful but i mostly played hunter. As i learn and play more i have been playing more monster recently because i want to see how the game works from both angles.


All of that on one monster? Wraith will die slowly towards her death. RIP wraith.

Just like how the OP said, the monsters were meant to be challenging. I myself can’t even win with the wraith and if I could, I must go try hard mode in order to win. Now imagine the new players? This is a joke!

Behemoth and Wraith are both trash to me. Please notice that it’s the 3rd tier and 4th tier.

Real sequence in toughness:
1st tier > 2nd tier > 3rd tier > 4th tier

Good thing goliath wasn’t nerfed, because that’s probably the best monster that I could manage. I used to love kraken as well but then harpoons, stasis grenades, tranquilizer, etc. Has had a big impact on him.


2nd >> 1st >> 3rd >> 4th

Kraken is the king of the monsters in this patch, and I knew it was going to happen since Feb.


Spot on, thank you for this comment!!


Agreed although I wouldn’t mind if wraith got nerfed so hard it somehow disappears from the game


What a feckin bullshit right there. First of, only a minority is active on forums giving feedback of their gaming experience. Secondly, if truly the majority of the community had a problem, well then the fuckin majority has a problem that might needs to be adressed… because, duh, the majority of the community makes up the community and with that the game.


Well however you see it is totally fine. My major point was on the 3rd and 4th tier monsters. I thought difficulty needed to escalate as tier goes further, but apparently TRS has a different view.