Nerf tracking darts a little maybe?


Its fun when im trapper and I dont give slack to monster for 5 minutes, but really those things are quite OP, better speed and accuracy than sniper guns , shoot in serious sam style! you can miss monster only if you have 3 s reflexes! Make those to they require at least little more skill! Wind, gravity, range, etc, not funny this way


The tradeoff is that they don’t damage you like Jack’s beacon, don’t revive hunters like Daisy, don’t cover the map like Sound Spikes, and dont highlight all wildlife like Gobi.

It does one thing.


Tracking darts lasts too long. :stuck_out_tongue: A ten second nerf would be nice, there’s no reason he should have best tracking on top of great damage.


Cant you just be happy the trapper is not Griffin ?


Griffins has hard CC and damage and a tracking method that honestly kind of pales in comparison to the planet scanner.

Abe has damage and soft CC (although it sure doesn’t feel that way when you’ve got no traversals left) and literally makes it impossible to conceal your location from his team once they’ve found you the first time. Between it and the Planet Scanner, it could stand to actually have some motherfuckin’ downtime.


If that is the matter to you, that team is better than you.


You must be thinking of electro griffin on that whole “sub standard tracking method”.

Once normal griff has enough sound spikes down, he knows both where you are, and where you aren’t. Plus if you move through it, he’ll know where you’re heading.

Normal griff’s spikes combined cover a ridiculous area, and thanks to the planet scanner he doesn’t even have to concentrate solely on putting them in the right places ASAP, just when he passes by tracking you.


You seem to be having some trouble with the English language, so I’m going to lay it all bare for you.

A competent team is going to find their monster. Between the Planetary Scanner and the fact that most maps are actually kind of tiny, it’s almost an inevitability. Juking is possible, but thanks to the fact that other tracking methods exist it’s not even 50/50 levels of reliable. Anyways, a team at around the same skill level as their monster is going to find it, almost certainly before it has had a chance to stage up safely, and they are going to dome it.

Now pay attention, because this is where we get into the meat of things. You see, unless an Abe is down when the dome drops and has not darted the monster beforehand (a rare occasion, I can assure you) he will dart the monster and the chase will begin. And because the dart is sniper-accurate from a frankly ridiculous range, and the mechanism of the dart itself not only lets the team know where the monster is but also lets them extrapolate where it is going, the monster is all but guaranteed to be hit with additional darts.

The cherry on top that if the monster ever manages that rare feat of getting away long enough for the dart to wear off, Abe now has that wonderful little backup in the form of the Planetary Scanner to let him know where the monster is anyways.

Clear enough for you?


Id also be curious to see how abe felt with a reduction in planet scanner. A dart that lasts as long as the cooldown for the scanner- Its pretty easy to have near 100% uptime on the monsters location permanently after you find it once. Not saying he NEEEEEDS it OMG OP. Just would be curious to see how it felt, for both sides.


Well not really, but you did tell me how hard its for YOU to get off tracking darts.

the fact is ,the tracking dart only eliminated the “eating hitting and running” tactic after the dome. and a experienced monster player shouldnt find him having trouble with just getting off the dart.


Not really.

In the current meta, getting track darted hardly matters anymore. They still serve their purpose but if anything, they probably need a buff or some sort.


You can still track monsters without Abe’s dart after first spotting, if the Trapper knows how to use PS properly. It’s more a matter of distance than jukes these days. I don’t see the need of nerfing dart atm.


Abe’s tracking dart is fine, the only problem here is newbie players when playing monsters are always has this kind of tiny fear in their mind that if they are domed in stage one they lose. They always feel that every hunter is watching them feed or something. If you’re beginner monster just focus on feed don’t look back, slowing yourself down while hunters are tracking you won’t help you, just focus on eating and running without looking back a lot. Also listen to your surrounding, you can hear jet pack boosts firing around, someone shooting wildlife, you can also do this while fighting, hunters tend to tell you their shield is gone, Laz’s shouts something when his invisibility is out, medics shout when their healing field is up. Hell even you can do a little trick on sunny’s drone to shield the wrong hunter(this one you just have to google yourself :stuck_out_tongue: )

But for me, Abe my boy you can tracking dart me anytime, every time I run after first dome I just eat for armor anyway and goes back to the hunters, I don’t really recommend a very aggressive type of play to newbies though.


It is funny to track a Gorgon to see her trying to hide on the side of a rock and I’m like “You do know you have a tracking dart in you? Lol!”

Whenever I play Abe I’m always switching to my tracking dart during fights so my team knows its position 24/7, even if it try’s to channel armour.

The only weakness with his tracking dart is Abe’s early game tracking. He relies on his PS to find the monster before he can dart it. Darting wildlife seems to be useless in Stage 2, they seem to have a timer on it and runs out, or has a max distance because I come back to the wildlife after circling the map to find I need to dart it again without the monster eating them


Maybe try contributing something substantive.


That not exactly what I said but yeah lol


More childish BFBK comments? Wowwww, surprising. -.-

If you can’t lose the hunters after they find you then that’s a PERSONAL problem. It’s not an issue with Abe’s darts. It’s an issue with you.