Nerf the wraith


The Wraith is broken in the Evolve 2 beta, just like in the old beta, seeing monsters on 20+ win streaks cause of 1 reason, they abuse the fact the wraith is broken, it needs to be toned down, its no fun to play online with new players and try to show them the ropes when all there is people abusing the wraith.

Nerf wraith pls
Please TRS nerf the wraith fast, I don't want that the playerbase is dying because of the same mistake again!



Once again .


Well, I’ve only got a few videos to go by, myself. But the Wraith’s damage output does seem to be way too high right now. Still, guess we’ll be seeing the general verdict soon enough.


That’s not really something you can say when the update hasn’t even been out a day.
Everyone is adjusting to more than just character numbers tweaked like usual, plus there are so many people online who haven’t played this game at all before. Or haven’t played it since a week after its 2015 release.


I’ve noticed monsters seem in the string side, but that’ll change once people learn the game, and work as a team more (and actually use all their abilities :wink: )

I played a game against a fleeing Wraith and I have to say, she’s bleeding fast and hard to catch up to .

The 12 minute timer is a god-send to keep the matches to a reasonable length so they can’t flee forever.


as someone who has played the game since alpha, and played with a ground of friends who all have the same playtime as me, it’s more then just “adjusting to the changes”.


Seto, as someone who has played this game since July of 2014, I can say that nerfs and buffs will not be dished out until they have steady telemetry data, which will take more than 12 hrs to collect.


Maybe the telemetry in 2 weeks will show the overall balance of the game.


That’s usually what they’ve waited in the past for telemetry, but maybe with more people it won’t take as long.


Honestly TW wraith is supreeeeeeeeeeemely strong with the decoy like holy shit sticks. I dunno if theres a bug where decoy always acts like it has SN but it’s doing a ton of damage really quickly.


I feel that decoy is a tad too powerful in terms of damage at the moment, kinda like in the old beta…except backwards.

I do say though that supernova is feeling a bit weak, as in it’s too short to really use effectively and the point is better in decoy atm since it is so aggressive and really damaging.


Combine decoy + supernova with slow hunter perk = dead hunter


Sounds like a good idea will try


Don’t use it on new people you’ll scare them away =/ use bob on new peeps and goliath against low levels save wraith for founders


It really is too bad wraith like she is is too powerful and unfun :/
Ah well. I’m alright with Goliath if I see no founders.


Why is everyone always crying that Wraith is OP? Seriously, no. Wraith is just very dynamic. All of her abilities have been adjusted considerably. She is one of those monsters which requires team work to take down. If you see a Wraith, bring your A game because a Wraith is bringing theirs. The new Decoy is much more potent than ever and is actually useful for the first time in practically a year. Can I have one month where Wraith isn’t nerfed to total useless oblivion because you hunter players don’t want to adapt to different monsters??


I see some things never change, when the game came out people complained about Wraith. They nerfed her and people still complained about Wraith. I log out of the forums for six months and come back today to find… you guessed it, people complaining about Wraith. :stuck_out_tongue:


Because I played her and stomped and played against her and got stomped?

I mean have you tried her new decoy its dealing the same damage that the wraith deals with supernova but every time you activate it it does that.

Combine it with slow the hunter and its ridiculous how fast you can shred em.


Yes, which actually requires some different tactics when fighting Wraith now. Throw everything you know about Wraith out the window, because she has a new meta now. Everything has gotten changed. Pretty much Decoy is her new staple ability, but it’s gotten so many changes that people haven’t figured out how to counter it yet. It’s entirely new to this build of the game. It’s actually useful and the AI is, gasp, smart for a change. No more Brain Dead AI. The Decoy is now remarkably dependable and does exactly what I want it to do, when I want it do it. I love it.