Nerf the Turrets


Note I am not talking about Bucket’s Turrets.

Nerf the turrets that are rewards on Evacuation and in Defend mode. Its bad enough that they are nearly impossible to hit with the basic melee attack, but they have way too much health and too much damage.

A single turret can take down a friendly minion with the minion only taking 10% of the turrets health. On Nest it makes minions worthless if they have the turrets bonus because the minion will die before reaching any hunter.


That’s why you need to arm up first and focus on the turrets, once they are gone, arm up again and beat down the hunters, NEVER ignore the turrets.


I don’t about you, but when I first went through the evacuation and the monster had been balanced four times in it’s favor, he just ran over those “super” turrets in seconds and we lost in the end. That is however just my experience.


The only thing devs will change in the next patch for defense is that you can see with smell the turret’s outline.


This strategy isn’t possible on Nest or Rescue. Defend isn’t the only place turrets exist.


Only monster which can reliably, if that, win defend is kraken. Wraith gets stomped at first generator and goliath is lucky if he finishes the second one and dies.


Nah, buff the turrets. Make them give the monster AIDS.


autobalance at its finest…


Level 3 Rock Throw and Leap Smash = What turrets?


Still man, you shouldn’t say it. I’m not referring to virtual characters, I’m referring to forum users. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s not a common expression. I’ve rarely heard it said, and when I do, I speak up and most people are more than happy to comply. Please do not respond to this post and keep this conversation going, as I don’t want either of us to get in trouble for getting off topic. Thanks for understanding!


Fine, I’ll edit


Very true my good sir. Very true :smile:


Why? they can already be one shot by rank 3 rock throw, seem pretty useless when is play against them.


then youre playing goliath wrong, rank 3 rock throw can one shot the turrets if you hit them directly. just make sure you keep your armor up, destroy the turrets, and fight the hunters while your mins destroy the generator.


Minions never reach the generator, and you get domed near generator. Sure you will kill the turrets, but you will get melted in the process.