Nerf the size of the maps


They’re too immersive, and pull away from the core experience of the game. They make it hard for me to play the game when I have to look at all the scenery, and so much of it.



Don’t know if this is serious but you should maybe consider playing a completely different game then.

I’d actually love to have more huge maps in this game.


This thread is 100% serious, and not making fun of all the nerf threads. The maps detract from the core experience of the game (Hunters killing the monster). The maps should be all flat with no vegetation so the Hunters have no difficulty finding and killing the monster.


I expect we have been playfully trolled. :wink:


Let me guess, you’re not a Monster player…



Gang – I would bet my actual blood the OP is being sarcastic.

If not, I am now seriously fucked. :grimacing:


Look at the topic, gents.

He’s just fuckin’ around.