Nerf the Behemoth


Stage one is difficult as it is, and nearly impossible once he reaches 2 or 3.


It depends on the teamwork really. I honestly think he’s fine as is.


Dude I have played with good teams, and still have issues. Is OP…


Can you explain with details why do you think he deserves to be nerf?


My teams and I do well against Behemoths.


And i loose 70% of my games with him : P


10 char


I suck at escaping stage 1, so i never get to stage 2 really >_<


That’s why I always use speed perk, let’s me sneak off quickly at stage one


3 points pave bomb strength perk win stage one every time lol


There are some very solid strategies against him and he is by no means OP. None of his moves need a nerf. If anything his tongue grab needs a buff so hunters can’t jetpack out of it half the time.

What moves are making him OP in your opinion?


Im at the same problem somebody else on the forum had, which is if i don’t pick damage perk as fatty, i will end up with near-dead hunters somehow escaping from my gigantic grasp.


For me fissure is better at doing huge damage at stage one with 3 points


Obvious troll thread is obvious.
@SledgePainter @Plaff


0_o Well, so far I’m good with movement speed, but yeah, damage perk can be handy in stage one, but you can’t miss any attacks then.


Behemoth seems to go either way. A good team can demolish him, but if you make a mistake you are done for. I just wish that it was easier to away from once he rolls into you. If you get focused down you are just done for which I think sucks but over all I think he is fine where he is.


You mean when he rolls on you and you have to run away which is near-impossible if you keep hitting basic attacks :stuck_out_tongue: ?


He definitely does no need a nerf. If you play as him and reach stage 3 you definitely deserve to win.

He was advertised as such and he works exactly as advertised. I beat him and lose to him. I’ve never seen him to be OP.


Just jump around him and he’ll stop focusing you or climb stuff, it’s very annoying for him and you have Sunny with the booster… he will quit the game.


You forgot about the jetpack bug.