Nerf T4 hunters or not


Either nerfing or not the game just commited suicide.I dont think that any monster player is going to play after 2 weeks and 90% of them isnt going to return even if you nerf them.I really wanted this to be a fun game but you destroyed it.I won’t buy shitty games like this again.Waste of money.Hunter kiddos nabs are going to post that you should l2p or bla bla bla but guess what nerfs are coming this is inevitable but most of monster players wont be playing the game to see it.


Truly this is a well-thought-out and constructive piece of criticism, supported by all facts in evidence and indisputable among right-thinking men.

Bravo, sir. I salute you and will be burning my hard drive in protest against this horrendous patch momentarily.


Once tier 4 gets nerfed ill be back to playing monster, as it is im just takin a break


Why was this flagged


I respect your decision to avoid playing them. I personally like them the way they are, it’s a blast to play against them, gives me more of a challenge. We just need a cloning machine, I can play as the monster and actively force back Tier 4 hunters for days


@Quirkly……no :cry:


Wait never mind


Yeah i hate to do it, im just tired of seeing Goliath melt so fast, it breaks my heart


Haha I just realized it as well.


But, what will the Goliath babies do :cry: :cry: :cry:


I had to check a couple times before it made sense.


I still haven’t lost to a team of t4 hunters as the monster, I got close a couple times, but pulled it off.
So I think its mostly people just adjusting tl the new tactics required, like when facing all t4, sunny needs to die first.

Also, behemoth monsters are getting much better at playing.

Mostly the only changes I see needed are:
Increase Sunny’s nuke reload cooldown.

Increase torvalds mortar reload cooldown.


Mortar should have at least a 10 second cool down, considering it’s more accurate than the Orbital.


I wouldn’t go a full 10 sec, maybe 7.


8.1 seconds?


Are people REALLY having this much of a hard time against them? I like to think I’m a high level monster and by now there should be a lot more others who can commit to killing them likewise.


Haven’t read anything that dramatic for a while, thanks.

Myself don’t find them difficult to deal with, still hate fighting Laz and hank though lol. Won all my matches against t4 as Goliath with max rock throw so far, having a break from kraken


What is it now? Around 3? I’d say doubling it is a good start.


I’m equally surprised. It took me half a match to adjust, I don’t see the reason for all the outrage.


Doubling it would make it 12 seconds.