Nerf Survey Satellite Damage

I would say that trappers are better for damage than supports EXCEPT bucket.

Obviously not bucket, but he’s pretty much an assault

Assaults dont have cloaks.

Maybe make it undeployable in a dome or increase cooldown is my two cents.

Or maybe stop crying and dont get hit by it -.-


Its called feedback, hardly crying.


lol did i upset you in some way because that was hostile out of nowhere? and i wasn’t saying that it did as much damage as those two things. I was saying the only two things in the game that do do that type of burst damage are orbital and mortars. Even if it does 800 it still puts it at the third highest burst damage in the game for a no skill ability that also has utility.

I would however like to see the source of where people are getting this 800 number. Seriously, I have been eyeballing it so far but if someone has a legitimate way to measure the damage, please let me know.

Uh…just get full armor, hide behind cover, get hit by the satellite and boom. There’s yours proof. Then record it and show it to us.

You are right. My bad. 800 damage. still puts it at number 3

If you run away and get hit by the laser it does do damage. Unless they fixed it in the last week while I wasn’t playing
And I died a few times because of a double hit without any hunters nearby

True, but compared to the other burst dmg moves in the game it’s the longest CD. Technically you should be asking for a nerf to griffins SS as well since those can deal dmg as well.

They only deal damage if you hit them.

lol orbital has a much longer CD and the other is on an assault player where it is a highly skilled move. And the griffin sounds spike damage is negligible which imo the laser should be too.

As i said before. I don’t want nerfs across the board on him. I would like to see the damage redistributed to his guns. If he is going to do damage to me at least make him hit me.

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Dmg is dmg.

Do you know how long the CD is on jack’s SS?

40 ish seconds without CD. I had been running CD with him again my mistake.

Still doesn’t change my opinion of the damage it does.

Orbital takes close to a minute. That’s not exactly much longer.

Anyway, I used to think it might need a nerf but now, nah. Keep it as is. It’s just takes some awareness.

No, thats a terrible way of looking at it.
Griffins SS deal damage if you melee them, so its damage that you cause to yourself, and therefore you can always avoid.
Jacks SS deals damage if it even grazes you, requires active avoidance, and can’t always be avoided.
Completely different types of damage.

Actually if the laser grazes you you only get pinged. I just tested this out and you’ll only get pinged not dmged if it’s a graze. The laser HAS to be a clean hit or you only get a ping.

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Must be different on consoles then because I’ve had it hit the very tip of Goliaths tail and boop, there goes an entire bar of health.