Nerf Survey Satellite Damage

Lady Voice from Video: “It does a little damage”


Over half a bar HP. 2 bars shield. On a trapper character.

Plz no.

Had a spirited stage 3 brawl in a hard game against Jack Laz Hyde Hank. Jack is last man standing, I have 1.5 HP bars. I go to kill jack, he surveys my pounce (after shooting me while arriving), survey kills me and would have multi hit if it didn’t kill me in one shot.

Plz. No.

Edit: I’ve been told this only hits once. Still too much wallop.


“Fear the sting of The Jackal!”


I honestly am astounded the devs thought that much damage in the hands of a trapper was acceptable. Especially considering how with the reload perk, which everyone takes with Jack, makes it so that it can be spammed several times per done, almost guaranteeing at least one hit with every use.


No it can’t. Once it hits that’s it.


Lmao are you serious? It spirals outward, with two lasers that damage you every time you touch them. If it get pushed or tricked into moving back, you can get hit multiple times

No… You don’t…


It can only hit once.

I’ve been killed by it hitting me more than once though. I’ve been in domes where it will hit me and the hunters don’t have line of sight and I’ll move back and get hit again. I don’t believe it only hits once. If it’s supposed to, I don’t think it does


Hunters can do damage too your know…

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You would be mistaken.
I tested it before in a bot match, set Jack as trapper, saw the lasers, ran into it once, ran into it again, only took damage the first time.


Thanks for clarifying its ability to only hit once. I still find this health bar wallop to be ridiculous in the hands of a trapper, however. Even more so when used om forced enclosed space such as a dome.

It can be used twice during a dome if you use it as soon as the dome drops and as soon as it recharges. The lasers are easily avoidable. You see a blaser pass infront of you… walk towards it. Done. The damage isn’t anything special.

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Maybe it’s a placebo effect then. I could swear I’ve gotten hit by it twice, multiple times. And I know hunters do damage. But they don’t do that much damage in one burst without a torvald or Cabot

Yeah I question the amount of damage as well, I don’t mind it doing damage since its kind of a meh tracking implement but its damage.
Try to give hunters a fun game and fight stage 1, guess what, half your armor is gone cuz your tail is too long.

But my tail is my favorite part of me!

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##When people request for nerfs


He does the highest damage of any trapper (as far as Hunt goes), and his pistols aren’t anything special.

Yes, there’s way to deal with the lasers. But if a Jack drops it behind you while you’re fighting a Hank, or you can’t reach it and don’t want to spend an ability on it, or you’re trying to mitigate behind a wall and can’t see it, or if you can’t afford to let up the pressure on a character so you have to stand and take it - I’m fighting Gold monsters and it still hits more often than it misses. And I don’t think it’s because they’re bad.

I like the ability, and as a trapper it’s really satisfying, but it’s definitely too much IMO. He can already chase and shoot without slowing down - he doesn’t need a giant space grinder.


800 dmg for a laser? Yes please. F the monsters. Gona melt their flesh right off their bones.

Wha’? Capacity is infinitely better on Jack. The devs have said that. ._. Who takes Reload on him?

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