Nerf Renegabe dot dmg


It’s impossible to survive as Kelder, Kraken(due the lack of speed). And it’s very difficult as Gorgon(due the lack of hp). I don’t like the idea of losing 80% of my games, cause of Renegabe dot damage…
And the only viable monster vs Renegabe - Goliath(but i don’t like him).

Nerf Renegabe dot damage

2 bars after the dome is insane. Got some videos of your play so that we can see what he’s doing to hurt you that much on the chase?


No i don’t have. That’s because as Kraken and Ek(stupid move speed buff…) i can’t escape. And Gabe stuck dot again and again… I can’t reg armor, I can’t evo, because they always behind me…
Seriosly Devs: Is this a joke? I lost 6 games in a row as Kraken now, and 4 games as Kelder. Won 3 games as Goliath, because i can escape.


You’ve got 10 games in a row as Kraken against Renegade Abe? Was it the same player?


Nah. 5 games as Kraken. Not the same player.


As Kraken, it is very important to know how to fly low and to break line of sight. Some Hunters are pulling off amazing feats which I don’t understand either (in the subject of following the Monster), but if you use pillars, caves, terrain height differences in general, you’ll be able to break that damage more often. Also, try using feeding speed perks for once and getting a meat or two before taking flight in the open. This way, the DoT won’t eat through so much health. Armor won’t regenerate depending on how much damage you’re getting with Renegade Abe.


Before my Kraken winrate was 95%. Now i can’t play him. With the recent buffs Hunters can chase you to the second dome…


This is beautiful. If you had a 95% win rate then clearly you now losing is a great thing.


All hunters had access to perks that did much more than solo queue buffs do, and all hunters could take DoT perks that would damage you on the run. I don’t believe that this patch has suddenly made it so that hutners are crazy good, it’s more likely that the changes the devs made to the skill rating of new players means you may be getting placed up against hunters that are more of a challenge for you :slight_smile:


This isn’t very noble of you, @noble. People can win as much as they can best their enemies, the fact that someone has high win percentages does not make them need some losses to “even things out.”

That makes a lot of sense and is probably what is happening, mostly.


No it’s not… I still can win all my games as Goliath, because i can escape and eat, evo, etc…


I won 1 game vs premade. Funny thing: I can escape, eat, and evo.

ps. Same shit with Wraith. I can’t kill anyone without losing 2 hp bars… These solo buffs overpowered.


Solo buffs are a great scapegoat, even though hunters have been able to max out their movement speed and jetpack recharge to much greater levels than solo buffs for weeks now.



I must agree with this entirely. Even after more recent games against R. Abe, his dome damage is surprisingly higher than I feel it should be. He was a character built to punish on the chase, but he ends up out-doing his own role, and excelling at what is supposed to be his weakness. He’s surprisingly stronger than usual for a “weaker” assault, or at least what he was supposed to be intended as. I’ve seen a lot of hunter players come along and have a go at the monster players because they whine about a character being too strong, but in this case, we may have a good reason. The only monsters I’ve felt that can do well against the current Abe, and that i’ve experienced myself, are the two Goliaths. Gorgon coming close, by being able to scoop the games with very low health left, Elder Kraken gets completely melted unfairly, and this is not the case of being unable to win, this is 2 domes, and dead. A complete steamroll, over the course of the games i’ve played. Apparently regular Kraken is having the same issue, from what i’ve heard. Unsure about Wraith, and Behemoth is still unplayable as it is.

Frankly I keep on changing my opinion on him, because it’s difficult to pinpoint where the problem is. His dome damage, or his escape damage. Or possibly even both. But it’s going to make at least 2 monsters need changes in order to keep a competant, and balanced fight possible against R. Abe. It’s starting to strike me that people say his strength is weaker but honestly, from my experience with every single game with him, and the supposed strategies to try and counter him… In my opinion, he outdoes his role entirely, I’m sorry to say to most hunter players. Maybe sometimes, monster players under stress from this subject could have a point.

This guy tells exactly what i think…


Mmm, I can definitely see your point a bit. Renegade Abe is seemingly very good at chasing and dome fighting. He’s a little tricky to manage, but I feel like he does somewhat lag behind assaults a bit. Maybe it’s just my personal luck, but I’ve played about ten games of Behemoth the day before yesterday and only lots two. One was legit (I forgot Crow could pierce armor and we’d all skirmished for a very, very long time over the relay at stage three. I had very, very little health but lots of armor. Crow punished me for that.) and the other was due to an evolution bug, Behemoth was caught in animation repeatedly beginning to morph but never finishing.

That said, even with the bugs, I was able to defeat three or four Renegabe’s and Co. without much duress. So, perhaps having a great deal of health is a helpful thing. Trying out movement speed on Kraken may result in the same, but I’ve found that Kraken tends to win quite well if you can manage to snipe your skill shots and drive the enemy back. I haven’t played Kraken since the movement and health buffs on the solo hunters though. There is a chance that a lower armor and health monster might just not be able to deal with him and his group as easily? Keep in mind he does have the capacity to increase damage dealt to monster, so what we might be seeing is an unintended spike in all damage dealt, or perhaps damage increasing beyond what it should be? I’m not sure.

If anyone could get footage of something similar to this, I’d sure as heck be interested in seeing it for myself though. Who knows, maybe it’s a damage or hitbox bug?


Whilst I can’t comment on the actual state of balance for Renegabe, I can say this. Kraken has a particularly big trade-off for his in-combat mobility in the form of pretty poor out-of-combat mobility, and thus has a harder time disengaging than either of the Goliaths or the Wraith might. (not entirely sure of Gorgon’s current state, and Behemoth is Behemoth.) so you’ve also got to work a fair bit harder on the post-dome escape than other monsters might have to. Kraken has always been a strong monster (or at least he was in Legacy) but he had a pretty noticeable learning curve to him, I’m not sure how much that’s changed.


Where was this from?


Another Renegabe op thread


I wouldn’t use that post as a mark of Renegabe’s balance. The guy was playing Kellog and playing him like the standard Kraken, which doesn’t really work.


Btw. Won my first Hunter hunt game as Sunny vs Gorgon. OMG it’s so easy: Kill the spiders, place the drone, avoid web. Lol. Now i know why there so many hunter players… And yes, hunters overpowered now. That Gorgon player can’t do anything to me, cause i always kill the spiderlings and avoided web…