Nerf mode: It's nerf or nothing


I want a mode were everything gets nerfed depending on what people say and see how bad it is xD or with nerf guns as the weapons.


what would the monster be? a sack of poop?


haha yeah, When all the nerfs people say they want are done it might aswell be a sack of poop xD


A ball of forum rage.




Heh… funny thinking about the OP things people cry about, then taking completely over-the-top nerfs to them.

Like Sunny’s booster actually draining your fuel. Hey, they wanted a nerf, right? :wink:


They’ll just change the game into having the loading screens, character selection, perk selection, then straight to the results screen where everyone wins but you can watch a little dot run around the map and you can pretend that was you! Then we decide the characters and perks are too OP as well so you just get results screen.

Lastly we finally decide the community is OP and humanity poofs from existence.