Nerf Lazarus


I love playing as Lazarus and this in no way meant to insult his designers but his Lazarus device is just to string of he can get to a downed or dead person in time they come back without a health rebuff I have lost many games because of the fact that his device keeps him and his teammates from getting a health debuff and people say just target Lazarus but I cant because compatant teams just keep me from getting to him and he can use his personal cloak his sniper rifle is more effective than Val’s rifle he is just to powerful and I don’t know what should be debuffed


the only thing i can see nerfed on laz if anything is maybe a SLIGHT increase to how long it takes to use the device.

but then again a good monster should have a bead on laz before the hunter goes down. the hunters wont rez the downed hunter until laz is absolutely desperate.

so as long as you get someone down (shouldnt be too hard seeing as laz cant even out heal a mammoth bird herd) the fight is now in your favor.

just find laz and put the pressure on him. if you lose him via cloak or bad positioning, just get back to the corpse ASAP.

if laz cant be found at all, then corpse camp while throwing a move or two at the other two hunters.


Do that and you make him pretty horrible in higher level matches. His usefulness is high in lower skill matches but falls off rapidly against good Monsters. You generally don’t hear Laz having balance issues later on.


Nerf something because you suck against it?


Lazarus is frustrating when first picking up this game as a monster.

With practice you will find openings, timings to strike and learn to bait him to incap him. If you down one hunter have an eye for where Lazarus is and be prepare to take action.

Many Laz-men are drawn to bodies as flies to the light and usually to impatient and therefore quite easy to predict.
If you get the time, eat the body of a dead teammate totally neglect the Lazarus Device. Invisibility? Counter with fire or AOE-attacks.

I really hated playing against Lazarus in the beginning. Later on you will learn to adapt and to approach different hunters differently. Similarly you will have to shift playstyle to response to the different trappers, it’s the same about the medics.

The friend I mainly play with main Lazarus so I get a lot of practice against him.

You will need to play and maybe lose some before learning how to approach him. I’m sure there should be tutorials on youtube now on how to counter The Laz-man.

Have a nice day op


He is already horrible in high level play. He’s just so easy to counter and lacks substance to him. Teams drop like flies with him around, it’s very simple to keep him off a corpse for the required time without taking much damage, and he’s just generally pathetic unless you’re a god with him.


Yeah, I was just being subtle about it. I doubt we’ll ever see him in a serious competitive match, he’s the most fun to watch and most fun to play out of all the Medics to me.


Which is what makes it such a shame. Playing Laz is a lat of fun. He just isn’t very effective.


I’d like to see his Lazarus Device be used to heal the same amount as his heal burst to give him more healing potential, but I’m just throwing that out because I have no idea how it would affect balance or if it’ll fix the problems he has.


Lazarus in low level games is STRONG.
Lazarus in high level games is USELESS.


Lazarus is balanced by his near complete lack of healing capabilities. His entire character is designed around letting teammates die and then cloaking and picking them up. Either eliminate him at first chance or babysit/eat corpses as the monster.


use them.

on topic: lazarus is fine for now.


every good monster laughts at lazerus


He is very annoying I’ll give you that I always spam my abilites on him first and make sure he’s dead then I go for support. It is very hard to kill him sometimes but it’s doable. Remember that he has no healing except his crappy healing burst.


Yeah many have said it, but laz in High level play is almost impossible unless you are great and so is the team.


Nerf? In my experience he needs a buff. The guy offers almost no healing. Any decent monster will win against a team with lazarous


yeah. all a laz is doing is running behind his teams and TRYING to get them into healrange. thats hilariously futile when everyone has movement perks except you. i dont think laz contributes anything right now.


I was very annoyed with Lazarus because he had the mega mouth elite perk so just constant healing himself and team and it was annoying… I killed the whole team 3 times but I just missed him and he’d rush a body and revive before I got there essentially bringing the whole team right back up…


He needs a buff to Personal Cloak pretty bad, not a nerf.


Just let me say that I think it makes sense that he rezzes people with no strikes, because of the whole “Laz can’t heal properly” thing.

However. In my opinion, I think revived hunters should be revived with a strike if Laz resurrects them from the dead. All other times, no strike. That way the monster still gets his strike but Laz is still playable. As a religious monster player it is INCREDIBLY obnoxious to have to kill the same hunter multiple times without ever getting a strike on them… and yes I did focus Laz, body camp, fire breath when he cloaked, but just couldn’t seem to nail him. Those strikes would help a ton.