Nerf jetpacks out of combat


Please just hurry up and do something along these lines? It’s just getting old now. Hunters keeping up with you when you do perfect map traversal is not ok. You don’t need Val, Caira, or Sunny or anyone to do it, just good jetpack management, and it’s really frustrating.
Especially prevalent with Lennox, a good one will ALWAYS have caught up to you on the Evolve…


Jetpack need to be buff, not nerf. You use ale fuel when you try to get on some big elevation. And then you have 0 to dodge or to go after the monster.


Yeah Lennox and Parnell are pretty good at keeping up with the Monsters more so than any other characters individually. Add in a Sunny and you’ll have the whole team on you 24/7 and not just one or two Hunters.

But hey! I’ve been complaining about the “Never able to get away!” thing that Monsters always suffer for awhile now…

See where it’s at? Same spot since launch (maybe not as bad cuz no momentum bonus but still bad).


The no momentum thing was annoying, yeah, but to be honest it affected combat more than map traversal.


Isn’t this why they gave 20% of armor to monster after evolving? I sort of agree on the issue because I know it might feel really frustrating (especially for Behemoth or Wraith), but at the same time I think that doing something to jetpack would make it even more frustrating for hunters against monsters who just like to run until stage 3 and won’t commit to a fight even once, whether they’re in a dome or not.

The whole point of Hunt mode is being able to catch with monster before stage 3 if whole team has good jetpack management as you said, despite of good map traversing by monster. Just like perfect play from hunters might often result in hunters victory despite of perfect monster play, which is because hunters are played by 4 different people and probability of making mistakes is 4 times higher for them (not to mention you can’t control how clean your team mates will play).


I can promise you- this is not a common opinion amongst most veterans/competitive players.

Personally- I think it might be better overall to give monsters slightly better traversal recharge rates outside of combat.

Partially- But more or less that was a response to a particular meta high-end hunters were using. The reduction in evolve time was more of a direct response to that, the other problem that went with it though was that agaisnt good teams you were almost always being caught during the evolve- Which meant you got locked in every time with no armor.


Yes, flee till three is another, also incredibly frustrating issue. But personally- as a 50/50 Hunter and monster player (primarily Hunter now, actually, can hardly find monster games) I’d prefer to see the chase nerf first.


IMO monster have wery good traversal. Aut of combat the can whit 3 jumps and 1 baility go frome 1 edge of map to another.


Slightly wouldn’t be enough. A small 5-10% bonus recharge would make minimal difference in the current state we have.

If anything Goliath should get larger jumps and Wraith should get longer warps outside of combat. The other three something similar within their abilities.


No they can’t. Goliath can maybe do this in very particular situations from certain spots and still not edge to edge.


Try doing that with a Wraith or Kraken quickly and quietly without being domed in the process of Evolving.


I cant think of a single map under any context in which goliath can make 3 leaps and go from one edge of the map to the other :\


Armory is very downhilly from top to bottom but we’re talking maybe about 1/3 in total map coverage from Goliath without a waiting period. Maybe even half with Movement or Traversal Perks.

Sadly it works for Hunters too.


The DAM f.e.
BMF also


Not even Armory. I know that map better than you know your name, and three leaps, charge and LS will only get you like 1/3 of the way from top to bottom, if that. Not even close.


Jump height died for me that day and it was a favorite ;.;

As for the topic, my first reaction to it was ‘Ah c’mon it aint that bad I get away plenty of…’ then I remember playing from Hunters side even w/o Sunny and the countless matches where the Monster just could NOT gain any ground on us.

It’s worse than others on certain maps (I feel like Fusion Plant is an easy one to get around, personally, but uphill on Armory or Barracks is a bit… different ofc), but overall, I think you’re right. It’s far too easy to keep pace with something that is supposedly faster than you.

You get that game now and again where the Monster runs circles around your team, and while those stand out, they pale in comparison to the number of games I’ve stayed glued to the monster’s rump once we got that first dome.

The trick here for me, as a ‘selling point’, so to speak, would be how you would accomplish this changes, but not encourage Flee-til-3 antics.


The Dam is a map that can be the bane of most Monster’s existences.


Can’t cross edge to edge though. Can get about 2/3 of the entire way, maybe. This is all as Meteor, the most mobile monster.

You mean Broken Hill Foundry? Because hunters can cross it in a blink of the eye too.


Well yeah hence why I said 1/3 with a maybe 50% coverage.


If you douing whit golaiat 3 jumps and LS and you have 1/3 map ? I can do 1/2 map whit 3 jumps and LS and this is large distance on this map.