Nerf Hunters.. NOT the Monsters?!

Ok so here’s the deal, first off I just finished reading all the posts on this thread Why I can’t stand playing Goliath anymore and I agree masssively with everything this guy said (sorry i forgot your name at this point!) but i wanted to add some stuff that’s been bugging me.

firstly, a tonne of people are asking for: kraken to be nerfed, kraken players to stop using AS and all this flying crap, Behemoth to be nerfed, wraith to stop spamming decoy, and more. to be honest, i’m really tired of it. some of you need to understand that with these insane new hunters cough jack cough and their mad new tools, they are literally hindering the monster entirely useless. sometimes, Wraith players have no choice but to use decoy because of the ridiculous traversal bugs that are occurring, and issues with her abilities, and now the crazy amount of power and simply OP abilities that some of these hunters have. I’ve lost the first two of my placement games due to playing as my all time fave Wraith, then realising she’s full of bugs. I then swapped to behemoth.

as this above quoted thread mentions, Jack’s repulsor gloves are causing mad problems for the monster, when combined with those drones that are spamming harpoons. how’s this for spamming? Hunters: stop spamming harpoon drones, stop spamming repulsor gloves, stop spamming mini nukes, stop spamming personal shields. sounds ridiculous? of course it does. but it’s “no fun” for monsters to have to put up with this spamming, because of how frequently available the abilities can be used; just like some of you say that decoy and lava bombs and aftershock is “no fun” for hunters. well, at this point, some of us monster players have no choice.

so, how about we get some bug fixes for Wraith (currently rendering her almost unplayable, for me anyway and i do not spam decoy) and some much requested nerfs to Kraken? I have no idea what those nerfs should be, because the only point i played as Kraken was in February and havent used him since then, but im guessing from the forums that it’s aftershock.

Behemoth, for Christ sake, does not need a nerf. he is supposed to be the biggest, strongest monster in the game, and if you can’t take him out by the time he’s stage 3, then all i can say is you need to do a better job killing him and tracking him. he’s now what he’s intended to be. just to be fair, at the most, i wouldnt complain if he gets an armour reduction, i think that’s suitable.

and please don’t get onto me about BOB. i’ve had extremely hard times using him, as “OP” as he is, when im in games with 4 hunters, daisy, harpoon guns, constant healing beams, etc. it’s still a tense game and very enjoyable for me. and not just me, i can say for a fact that i engage hunters at any stage, i will make them chase me, and i will give them a chance.

now for the hunters, Jack’s repulsors need a huge nerf. either reduce their use time (not sure what our tech term for that is, but basically the time being used) or increase the cooldown time. next, those harpoon guns need nerfing. my best suggestion is their cooldown time as well; increase it.

i say these things, that a lot of you may disagree with, and im unfortunately ready for backlash; but i am a heavily preferred monster user, and i must voice my opinions on what i struggle with when fighting these groups of hunters. i am an experienced monster, i do not spam decoy when i play as Wraith and i do not even play as Kraken so i am no exploiter of… exploits. and devs, i hope to god the new monster is powerful enough to counter these new hunters, and i hope her abilities are really something different.

be helpful, i hope no one gets immediately pissed becos of what i have said, just understand that there is a tonne of crap monsters have to face and sometimes the other players are forced to use things they might need not even enjoy. thanks for reading.


Harpoon drones? You mean those things from Maggie?

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to be honest, i have no idea who uses them, because that’s how rarely i like to play as hunters xD but yes i think it is maggie, because she and Diasy were in that particular game where i was being swarmed by Hyde fire and harpoon drones!

Even if you only play monster, you should know what each hunter uses… It’s kinda the basics of Monster-play. Know what the enemy team has and can employ against you so you can work around it -.^ But yeah I imagine you mean harpoon traps that Maggie has.

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well, i’ve only just got back into it. i took a long break when the content was sparse (exluding skins… hardly content that would keep me playing unless it was dynamic themes), and behemoth was way too UP.

Laz + Sunny + Jack + Hyde(or Torvald) are OP.

I understand what you mean, Jack is being fixed so that certain monsters dont get heavily punished like goliath or behemoth. And as of now I truly do believe that Sunny is a very support as of now with Jack on her side… I still believe Krakens flight migh need a bit of reworking but Goliath definetly does need some more buff, and for Wraith and Behemoth just nerf their hitstun because it painful to be juggled by these high damaging monsters…

This thread will bring alot of creative comments that will hopefully be put into next patch.

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This is a very well written post.

The repulser should last shorter on the wraith once wraith gets a stun nerf. it can stop all four of her abilities, which is a huge advantage.

also tagging @niaccurshi because he can bring some interesting points in.

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I genuinely can’t see Jack’s repulsor as a problem. I am a scrub monster and it may well be that I’m just facing bad jacks all the time, but in general Jack is not posing a problem to me. I play mostly Goliath and Behemoth.

If a Jack starts repulsing me I either tongue grab him or rock throw him in the face. At best it hits him and I can combo up for trying to take him down, at worst Jack moves and I can start my assault again.

I did play as Wraith last night (for the first time in ages) against a Jack. He’s potent against wraith, but I found that if I burned all my traversals up against his repulsor I’d find myself in prime position to abduct, warpblast and then supernova the hell out of him until he was dead.

In my eyes Jack appears to be, against a determined monster, a one time foil. That first time he’ll CC the hell out of you, but after that you should be able to do what you want as a monster.

I think that there are hunters that have issues that need depowering, Jack isn’t one of them.

As Goliath he’s a big nuisance for me.
Kraken pretty meh, unless I’m trying to tryhard with Aftershock.
As Wraith he is so strong, breaking all my ability chains.
I find that if I am Behemoth he doesn’t bother me since all of Bob’s abilities are ranged enough and doesn’t involve movement based ability.

Just re-tuning, I remember watching last Friday’s stream and how Macman talked about a few changes like how different monsters would burn through the repulser differently.

Idk, Jack is annoying but whenever he starts “repulsing” me I just decoy around a corner, (or sometimes in front if I’m ballsy) reposition, and WB next to his face because he can’t see me nor would he be fast enough to target me and repulse me (unless he is a Jack god i guess? But thats a whole different story). Even though he stops my decoy, the whole point of it was to stop him right? :smirk:

What do you mean by fixed?

“i hope to god the new monster is powerful enough to counter these new hunters”

Wait what? Do i hear support for pay 2 win?

Still its not only jack also sunny / val combo is a huge pain in the poopy for goliath if played perfectly :cry:
but yeah that happens with paper scissor stone balancing ~.~

His repuslor is being fixed to better suit the monster you are going against, so to say that each monster will be affected differently by the repulsor so that it isnt OP against a certain monster( Goli and Bob :frowning: )

How could that work? They should Buff Goliath, not nerf Jack. Behe has tongue Grab as some help. But we get Monsters like Kraken that can fly almost infinitely and deny revival from a safe distance. People agree that a change needs to come to Kraken but we still have no real change. You have to get almost above Kraken to push it out of the sky with the repulsor but there will be no fix for that. If Jack hits me with the repulsor I just jump left or right.

I mainly just don’t knoww hat you would to change the affect without making it useless.

Who said nerf?

I don’t agree with you. Almost at all.

There are some Monsters that need fixing, there are some Hunters that really need balancing, Jack is not one of them. He needs tweaking and some fixing, he’s overall, not that bad or OP. Keep in mind, everyone has their own opinions on balancing so you may vastly disagree with me and I may with you, such is the way of opinions I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

However I don’t think that Hunters need overall nerfing, the only real characters in the game I think need adjusting are Val, Slim, Sunny, and Jack. Val needs buffing, Slim needs nerfing, and Sunny & Jack need adjusting. Just my opinion :smile:

Soooo… How are you disagreeing with me? You just agreed with me. And no surprise you’re disagreeing either, I had a feeling you’d show up :smile: “Jack is not one of them” next sentence “he needs some tweaking and fixing” ummm contradicting much?

Jack has already been confirmed to need nerfing with his repulsors against certain monster’s. If the devs are claiming to fix him then clearly something is wrong, no? :wink:

You basically haven’t disagreed with me at all, judging from that post lol.

Buffing monsters or nerfing hunters will make low tier games massacres for hunters. It is very hard to find good balance. Poor coordinated hunters have little chances against average monster. Well-coordinated hunters are very hard to defeat by most monsters.

You cant say play better, l2p. Game is for all, casual gamers bought it too. Laz, Sunny, Jack combo could say to monster “play better” as well.

He doesn’t need nerfing, he needs tweaking. Completely different and not contradictory.

You’re just giving it a different name. Regardless of calling it tweaking, nerfing, fixing, repairing, it doesn’t matter. A lot of monster players are asking for something to be done about the repulsors. They are too fast on cooldown and paired with other hunters it’s simply ridiculous of how the outcomes occur.