Nerf Hank's Beard


I lost my sandwich in there earlier and I’m really upset.

Hank Underrated

Keep joking threads in “Off Topic”, please. Fixed.


I agree, his beard is clearly imbalanced. Far too much versatility for one (albeit handsome) bit of facial hair.



Sorry. Just trying to make some smiles.

Will remember for future joke threads - OF WHICH THERE WILL BE MANY!



HAHAHA! Yes! ALL of this!
I so needed this today. Thank you!


Sledge plz draw hank beardless.


I’m not trying to sound like a dick or anything, lol.

I actually found this really enjoyable! Thanks for the lolz! :laughing:


Bologna is perfect fuel for killing tiny baby monsters, so it is extremely disheartening when this occurs. Please lower the beard length by 25%, thanks TRS.


If I can make someone on these forums laugh, I’VE DONE MY JOB.


That would be blasphemy I think! I’m a pogonophile so…I just can’t do that man!


Bro… you would best friends with this dude @Colin_Swan



…stop switchin this back to hunter.



I got you’re counter right here.

Maybe you can mount a Wraith-Scythe to make it more 'Evolve’ish


His beard is immune to shaving. It breaks razors just by being in the same room with them. Electric shavers short out in his mere presence. The stage 3 wraith blunts its scythes every time it hits him in the face. It cannot be stopped.


There is a secret perk “beard” that buffs all female allies as they go all woozy on him, and nerfs all the male allies out of jealousy of such a manly beard.


So that’s… Two characters?


WAIT NO… three.


Yes, and it’s rather impressive. There is an NDA out about this secret perk that I’m not allowed to disclose. Sorry. Just saying it’s impressive.


Hank’s beard is indeed OP. I’ve not just lost a sandwich in it, I’ve lost entire orbital barrage rockets in it! I suspect that is how Hank uses my orbital barrage, and on a random worthless Goliath. What a waste! I was planning on saving them for cooking my chicken.