Nerf Global Scanner Pls!


Hello, F2P player here. I know, I know… I didnt pay for the game.
Anyway I would like to suggest giving planet scanner a lot (like really a lot) more cd or nerf it somewhat.
I’m from the minority that enjoy playing as monster (believe me, no one likes to play monster for what it seems)
Currently I dont have coins to buy wraith (which I supose somehow counter the plannet scanner a little), plus I guess one wont play Wraith 24/7.
Otherwise stealth mode is dead, should be removed from game, its pointless being stealth.


Wraith is not a counter to the scanner she doesnt have stealth anymore


The scanner itself lasts for about five seconds. There is still opportunity for sneaking. Though the CD being a bit longer does sound like a good idea still.


well, I dont discard that maybe I’m a little newbie when it comes to speak of mosnter gameplay, plus I dont have nice perks yet, but is a little hard to even survive if hunters are skilled and know where u r at all the time, besides monster movement is predictable in most cases given the map limits (depending in the mosnter pseudo-position when planet scanner marks the direccition, one can anticipate the moster route and shortcut him).

Its a piece of cake to evolve when the hunters are newbies, but with good hunters its a frustrating experience they wont even let you get too much distance to even feast mid clock, they always track u with, again, plannet scanner :unamused:, and dome u asap.


Hey, i just wanted to chime in and say that I generally use the scanning system as an indicator of when I can, or cannot juke the enemy via sneaking. For example the moment it is down, and they are at my heels. It’s my chance to try and be tricky.