Nerf for a buff. Buff for a nerf


Well I’m kinda annoyed of people saying that is to OP. NERF. Or that is to weak. BUFF. So heres how it goes. Name your object (Hunter,Monster,Wildlife) and either NERF or Buff. But the catch is you must also create a NERF or BUFF depending on your choice.

Ex. Hyde Nerf: Less damage on flame thrower. Buff: Larger clip on flame thrower.

So in doing so you add your input while balancing out your idea.
*By the way if a mod joins in that would be awesome because they are like the kings and queens or forums and their judgement is OP and needs no nerf :smile: *


Nerf: Torvalds reload speed, make it an actual skillshot
Buff: Increase damage by 15%


Nerf: Quirkly’s proposal
Buff: Bonk him on the head for even thinking of increasing the damage, especially by 15% lol


Nerf: Krakens lighting strike size.
Buff: Lower the cooldown by three seconds


15% aint bad, and its easily avoidable, and with the reload nerf, you’d actually have a few seconds to do something without dying ;p
My point still stands >_>


And ANother one for Sunny
Nerf: Super boost from jetpack making it the regular speed of jetpack
Buff: Add a bit more capacity too it, say, fifty


I was thinking almost the same thing, but I was thinking for her BUFF, let her boost people even a little farther, but to NERF it, make it have a crazy reload. People already boost the trapper to far, I don’t think its really a problem boosting Griffin halfway across the map to just be pounced, lol. And if it had a reload like cairas acceleration field, she could only use it once during a dome.


Hmmm. I don’t know. I think the whole point of a support in a dome is to help through a mean other than direct damage, and with that cooldown it’d basically be placing a drone and then shooting. I think it would be fine like this, but that’s just me


It does too much damage as is! Your point’s invalid xD


Pshhh, its damage isn’t that bad, the spam of them make it seem crazy, trust me, I’m a doctor


So you’re a Zoidberg? xD


True that. Maybe make it boost them way FASTER, but not as far. So you could quickly get away from a monster, just not to far, like the ever popular 2,000 feet in the air. That sounds better honestly. The nerd would have to cut the distance in half, and it might have to reload a little faster. Because they couldn’t get far and might need a boost again soon.



Nerf: less beard

Buff: 100% less reload and recharge time.


Torvald, nerf mortar dmg and reload by 11%, buff mortar dmg and reload by 1%.


Buff me, wanna hit hunters harder! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nerf Parnell’s rocket accuracy by 100%.
Buff Parnell’s rocket accuracy by 150%.

That’s how it works, right?


Nerf Hank’s shield with 40% slower recharge, triple the damage on Orbital Barrage.

The thing looks flashy, but short of the Monster taking a shower in it the thing honestly isn’t doing much damage.

This might actually make Hank weaker with less shield time, but let’s be honest: the Orbital is the funnest part about him.

I want to see Monsters leave this world quickly under a great Barrage.


Buff Val
tranqs - reduce monster dmg by 10%
Nerf clip size

Nerf Caira
Nerf raidious of heal by 5%
Buff reload speed. Making it an actual skillshot.

Buff glove to rez at LoS range. The further the range - longer charge/cooldown on glove
Buff make cloak toggable
Nerf range on silence rifle
Nerf crit markers duration at range
(i’ll take any mix of the 2 here)

Cabot buff duration of tag
Nerf dduration of dmg amp

Buff sentry/turrets health and allow for spherical range not just horizontal Los
Nerf UaV duration by 3 seconds


Buffing reload speed would make it more spammy- less of a skillshot. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus a 5% radius nerf isn’t much at all.

My own propositions:


Nerf- Warp Blast, decrease explosion size by 15%. Buff- Supernova does three times the damage it has now.


Nerf- Jetpack Boost can give four free boosts with no extended distance/improved speed and has a MUCH longer CD. Buff- Shield Drone has a longer range.


The radious shouldnt be able to heal around corners or through rockwalls but i agree not much of a nerf