Nerf bucket


Seriously, im so afraid of going deaf every time i siege the relay i just quit. The screeching turrets are terrifying.


Are you asking for a mechanical nerf? Or just a change in audio?


They honestly don’t sound as bad as they did in the beta to me.


Why don’t you just destroy them from a distance, Rock through, anything on Kraken really and if you are playing Wraith then you deserve the pain :stuck_out_tongue:


Nerf the underpowered character because one of his abilities which is countable by every monster makes a noise?

I fear for my species.


I feared when Michael Bay was trusted with a Transformers sequel


Heh, don’t remind me.

I for one would love to see a brilliantly done Cartoon animated full feature film Transformers/TMNT done by the truly talented. I don’t need these gems done in live action to make it “better”.

Sorry thread hijack. Please continue with original “post”


Seriously, this is the most juvenile concern ever.

“Turrets are loud and scary, please get rid of them!”