Negative reviews


90% of them are from beta/alpha tester Call of Dutykiddies with less of an hour played.Steam should block reviews from people who dont own game


I agree. I don’t know why this is not a thing. :confused:


If Steam had prevented people from reviewing the game before it released (ie. remove the game from people’s libraries before 2/10), the situation would’ve been fine.
However, imagine the backlash if reviews from people if reviews from Steam are removed. People will only spread more hate. I know, the state of the game’s reviews is pretty bad, right now. However, the people downvoting and hating on the game are primarily trolls with minor quarrels about the game, such as the “DLC is too expensive” thing. The best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them; after a few weeks, people will start honestly reviewing the game, and those reviews will be prioritized by Steam (since they prioritize newer reviews, which makes sense).

I know, this sucks, and it’s not fair at all. But censoring and removing reviews will only make trolls angrier.


Perhaps there should be a system that only counts reviews that have something to do with the actual game?