Negative progression on Hunters?


So lately I’ve been experiencing this problem where 4 of my hunters don’t level up. When I finish a match, the mastery bar says +0 even though my performance isn’t 0. I go to my profile and check my stats for these hunters and the progress bar is negative and going towards the left. For example with Lazarus and his Device challenge it says I have -66/28 revives. I noticed this problem app. a month ago. I sent 2k a ticket around two weeks ago and they havent said anything constructive about the issue. My boyfriend and I came to the conclusion that it might be because the same hunters he used the Hunter’s Quest app to rank up are the ones that are negatively progressing for me. Bucket, Abe, Parnell, And Lazarus :frowning: (We share an xbox1) This issue is really bothering me bc it’s the hunters I actually like from each class that I cant master. If there is a solution or if anyone has experienced this and has gotten it fixed please let me know!! Thank you!!


Contact 2k support with thise issue and provide them the screenshots :


I already did this and all they said was that it’s a great help to their developing team. It just bothers me because I feel like theyre not keepung me updated or anything or even if theyre actually doing something