Needs tips on maggie, daisy, cabot, hyde (turbo daisy comp)


I play Goliath, and I just could not beat them, I could not sneak and I could not duck them this was on aviary and I was evading but I just couldn’t get space, every time I got some space I would smell and they were right there. I guess I’m saying I need tips to outsmart daisy, I know about the water tricks and stuff like that but I really need and in depth explanation of how to counter daisy.


Use her to your advantage.

You know the hunters will be right behind her so pick a spot where you have the advantage and simply wait. The end of a tunnel works really well so they all get trapped in there.


my guess is that they had caira?

pull up your minimap. depending on the map, look for a water source. rivers are your best friend here. daisy has no idea where to go if you follow the river. her scent picks up like 50-100 meters so jus leaping over will do nothing.


That’s another thing they had me running scared because I was stage 1 and I could not out damage Caira, and when I did go for her there was a wall of traps waiting for me silly me, forgot to bring flame breath so I was screwed for the rest of the match but I have to remember if I cant shake them fight them where I have the advantage.


I didn’t know daisy had a proximity of how she can track, so basically if I sneak away toward water I should go through past 100m and then GTFO?

Edit: I forgot to say Caira was there.


exactly. if its a river and you sneak through it. daisy will sniff, hesitate and pick up the trail on the other side.

if its a river. 1: you do not have to sneak, there are no footprints so sprint and haul ass. and 2: when u decide to jump off sneak again. daisy will follow maggie down river if they suspected it. never go all the way down river so they dont follow you if they called it early (some smart hunters sometimes.)

use the rivers my friend.

last tip if you really cant shake them. through some map knowledge that i am still working on. find a tyrant pit or a mega mouth. that stage 1 fight can swing in your favor. you might not win but strikes are always a victory. down maggie and daisy afks until she is brought back up. thats the time you need in order to gain some distance and sneak again.


I see but the problem now is out damaging caira, but I guess that would require breaking line of sight and wailing on Maggie. Anyway thanks I’ll give this a try.


goliath right?

sneak pounce. it will chip away a little it. then leap OVER maggie and charge her back to the monster ally (the marsh strider does DAMAGE, crowbill sloths, tyrants, megamouths are all good friends) when you knock them into those caira should not be able to out heal at all even stage 1.


When I play vs Maggie as Goliath I really don’t sneak. I am just balls to the wall. I take feeding perk so eat as fast as possible. I will pick a direction and hunt, kill, eat then jump, charge and maybe leap smash to next meal.

If I trigger birds while eating I will actually look for more birds in another direction to trigger on purpose then sneak and double back way i just came. Most Maggie players will move to cut you off once they see what direction you are moving and will ignore Daisy for a moment since they can’t just blindly follow Daisy the whole match or they would always be behind you. I like tricking them into cutting me off.

I have a lot of success with it and I am playing people lvl 30-35 just for reference.

Also a tip I would say is if you are stage 1 don’t engage at all. Even if you are in a dome just run. Unless i miss read what you said you really shouldn’t try to out damage Caira at stage one, even stage 2 I wouldn’t unless you are in good spot to do so.


Here’s what to do.

Ability and Perk Selection

Caira is going to be a pain at Stage 1. There is little chance you will be able to out DPS her at this level without being able to have 2 Level 3 abilities to cycle. This is going to be a battle of Attrition. Go for strikes and flee, don’t over commit. You need something to hit for decent damage and get close, you are Goliath after all start acting like it! Here’s my selection:

Level 2 Leap Smash
Level 1 Charge
Cooldown Reduction

My reasoning? It’s all about mobility and utility. Both of these put you right up into whoever you want to hit for that quick melee follow up. Charge also has some push-back which helps to move stubborn hunters out of Caira’s line of sight thus making her heal grenades harder to hit. Having 2 abilities also means you can cycle them effectively. Good combo
Charge -> Melee -> Point Blank Leap Smash to finish them. I would pick either the cool-down reduction perk or the damage resistance perk. If you are confident you know where the elite versions are on the map, pick one and rush to the others location. I prefer Cool-down Reduction because I want to hit hard and fast, keep the pressure on the hunters and maybe catch them off guard.

Maggie and Daisy

Here is how to maximize the your start!

  • Well this is going to be fun…just forget the sneak.
  • If your on a water map BOOK IT TO THE NEAREST RIVER then at some point sneak out. I like to run out on one side of the bank leaving footprints and the leap back in the river and then head a little farther up and exit the other side in sneak to throw them off.
  • If on an Acid map just run, you need to put distance between you and them. Alternate between leaving confusing tracks and doubling over them in sneak. Make them start to distrust Daisy.
  • Leap ALOT, less tracks the better.
  • Try to eat and stage up as quick as possible, go for 3 meats over 1
    or 2 but anything will do in a pinch.


Don’t Panic, you got this.

  • Is Maggie isolated? Was she the runner trying to dome you while they
    caught up (if you did the other stuff correctly hopefully!) Pounce
    her, Daisy ain’t gonna do sh*t but watch. Get that free damage and
    if she’s thrown the dome your that much closer to taking it down!

Once your in the dome go straight for Maggie, see how the team reacts. This also forces Maggie to defend herself, preventing her from laying harpoon traps or doing so at the cost of damage. Keep your options open for targets, engage on your terms.

  • Keep Hyde using his jet pack just to reach you.

  • Climb and leap. This keeps accuracy down and keeps the hunters moving, wasting valuable jet-pack fuel

  • When you see that red beam from Cabot go for him, he’s defenseless
    and a good Caira player has to choose, heal Cabot or hit with Napalm
    for extra damage. If you have been mobile then with Cabot using the amplifier and Hyde hopefully out of fuel and on the other side of the arena, then the only 2 people who can shoot are Maggie and Caira meaning Caira has to choose, heals or damage. If you can isolate Cabot so Caira can’t get him excellent!

  • The last 10 seconds of the dome, NO MATTER WHAT FOCUS CABOT!!! A good Cabot will try to tag you, don’t give him a chance to line it up, when you hear the trapper aggro him!

To Be Continued…

(I have to go home from work)


Aviary is monster sided… learn your routes and you will never get domed. Make sure you are smelling properly and kiting the trapper. This is the number 1 reason why monsters die.

It’s retardedly hard to dome me unless I evolve.

If you are dying a lot take a mobility build. Stage 1 Fire/Rock, Leap, Charge…

Against a Maggie build you should NEVER sneak, there’s no point. A good team will dust the direction daisy runs (with cabot) and then they are all over you. You have to make the trapper commit to running a direction then run the opposite. This is best seen on Rendering Plant near the mammoth bird section, you can run there and smell till you see the trapper commit to one side then you run around the other side. It puts him so far behind, you can triple jump, leap, charge and then evolve.

You have to make the trapper commit to running a route then juke him. Works every time. Once you learn the maps and learn some generic routes you can run to make the hunters move a certain way you’ll start winning more :smile:

P.S. Hyde is the worst assault, you should not be losing to him, that build has no shields or defense so if you are going to get domed, get domed near an aggro NPC and inside a cave or area with low varying topography. Focus the assault to make him activate his shield then immediately switch to Caira, knock her away then focus the support to make him use his cloak. Alternate between Caira and Trapper (after Support cloaks, if support doesn’t cloak then kill him). Your main goal is to kill Caira then the Assault if you can time it right (never attack an assault with his shield on). Caira can out heal at Stage 1 and almost at Stage 2 (grab Tier 3 rock combined with charge and fire to out DPS caira at stage 2)


good tips might have to sacrifice a bar or two but that’s what Goliaths are for.


Wow never came to mind, I usually only use birds to draw the hunters to me, and I was running damage bonus with a stage lvl 3 rock throw but I picked a bad spot to engage and got kited.


Hyde isn’t that great, but paired with Cabot and a good trapper will keep you in place to get that 2x flamethrower and that hurts.


Dude this is awesome… can you also give advice for the same team but with Markov instead? hard to get Caira when she’s stuck in mines.


About Maggie = no sneak: well actually you still can sneak sometimes. For example if you see whole team following your trace in some cave, you can just sneak back when you exit this cave and then run again. And really good advice about birds from @lazytitan, I’m going to try this myself:


you can not hide from Daisy, so keep moving, make Cabot waste his damage amp by keeping assault at a distance, rocks/charge, kill medic at earliest opportunity


use flamebreath to destroy mines


Problem that I had was that flamebreath does nearly nothing against caira’s AOE heals, so it felt like a waste to invest in it even though I needed it to clear mines.


If I may add a suggestion…sneaking with a Maggie team is very much so possible. You just have to set the precedent for “how you’ll be moving for the game”. As in, trick them by not sneaking for a minute or two. Occasionally go into sneak, but leave enough footprints to make your route noticeable enough. Once you get to a junction of some sort, run one way for some time, and if they can’t see you, sneak and walk the other way. I use this strategy a lot with Maggie teams to get away when I’m weak, and it works out pretty well.
So, in essence, what’s going on is:

  • With Abe and Griff, you’re tricking them with direction jukes.
  • With Maggie, you’re tricking them by setting the bar low for how much you’re gonna be sneaking.

Mind games are spooky, man

(Yes yes yes this plan can be foiled by an attentive Maggie player, but it works against non-attentive Maggies, and can also get you some good distance that you can gain by somewhat safely sneaking)