Needs a change. Badly


Okay so seriously. Stupidest idea. “Nest, kill all eggs/minions” - “oh here the monster gets a minion with shield that hurts just as much as the monster” ~ “oh yea, he didn’t hatch the minion from one of the six eggs you have to kill, but you have to kill him too, just because.”
It’s like cmon guys, how is that fair. Monster doesn’t have to worry about losing when he gets a minion that follows him around and gets shield even if you destroy the eggs, he’s garunteed to win, it’s dumb.


It did say ALL eggs/minions


I don’t care much for it myself, but technically since you’re on the hunter side you’re always welcome to pick rescue/hunt when voting comes up. You’ve got 4 votes vs the monster’s 1 if you’re communicating. :stuck_out_tongue: