Need Xbox One hunters with mics! Msg Violence Dv


Looking for skilled hunters with mics who can communicate effectively and love winning games. Shoot Violence Dv a message on Xbox One to join in. Currently have 2 spots open for any class. If you are viewing this post after today, still send me a message. Really enjoy filling my friends list with competent hunters!


Hey I’m down. I could use some evolve friends. Xbox One Gamertag: XPlayaSkillzx


Competent always mic hunter. Any class.

Srvng 21 bscts

Add me up!


Noted. Thanks for responding. I’ll add you! Have a good night


Thanks bud I’ll add you



I’m always on after 11pm pacific time.




Hey OgtriplexxxL here, I play well with any class provided there is good communication. Add me on Xbox 1.


always looking for good players I mainly play support msg me