Need XB1 Players To Help my Brother


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am looking for XB1 players who are willing to play with my brother since nobody he knows plays Evolve. He is still fairly new to the game and has no experience playing as a coordinated group, so anyone who is interested will need to be patient and prepared for him to make mistakes.

It doesn’t matter if you have a mic or not, but it is preferable. I’ve spoke to my brother and he prefers not to use a mic.

If you are interested please leave your gamertag below :smiley:


I suggest that he plays the tutorial for both monster and hunter. At least a few times each or until he gets time score of under 6 minutes. Then he should watch both the beginner and advanced video tutorials that are in the extras for all the hunters and monsters. Then he should play each hunter at least once on solo and try out each of the hunters’ weapons and abilities out. Playing solo mode can speed that part up because it allows one to switch between hunters. It is important for him to know strategy but if is more important to be able to use the hunter or monster that he will select.

The hunters that are very popular are [[All hunters are great. I only listed the ones that are popular and you should still try the other hunters. Surviving is based on teamwork, positioning and jetpack management.]]
Medic: Slim, Val
Support : Hank, Maybe Sunny
Trapper: Wasteland Maggie, old popular choices were maggie and griffin
Assault: All the Assaults are really good but depends on play style (this is the same for other hunters but assault can pick )

Watching gameplay videos after all of the previously mentioned will help strengthen his evolve skills since he will better understand the way the game works.


Feel free to have him add me to play. turwaith86


Me and @Nas are also more than willing to teach him the ropes.

My gt is V0id 0m3g4


I would play with him sometime. xx BA scooby xx