Need to up my Hunter game, recommend me some youtube vids!


After 80 hours of stage 2 I have realised I have still a LOT to learn. Especially in regards to dodging and jetpack managment. I can play my classes quite well but I suffer badly when getting focused or trying to dodge.

Can you recommend some youtube vids/channels to watch which might help me?

I don’t even mind if class specific, I can definitely be a better medic!


Watch @Ryke676
He can’t dodge but his teammates are good :slight_smile: j/k

He plays medic for nDG


GrizzleMarine, Pete Austin, Poncha - PC gaming, MonkeyBot.

These guys are a team, so they cover Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support in the same order as above. They have started doing tips and tricks videos as well as scrims against their Monster, Deanimate.

Alternatively, you can watch Ryke and Puggims and their teams (nDG and DDs, respectively) on Twitch . I believe Ryke has a YouTube channel but I think Twitch is his focus.


Thanks I watched one of the tournament twitch streams but it was nearly always following the monster so it’s hard to get a feel for things as a hunter.

Did manage to find a few vids of Ryke playing which were helpful though.


maybe some vids from Somewhat Awesome Games would help :wink:


Deanimate (Pro Goliath) -
Pete (High Level Trapper) -
Wednesday (High Level Goliath) -
MonkeyBot (Pro Support) -
Insane (Evolve Dev)-
Puggims (Pro Trapper) -
Ryke (Pro Assault) -
Source (Pro Kraken) -
xxwardoomxx (Pro Support) -
TagDaMonster (Pro Medic) -
Seeds (Evolve Caster) -
SuperBadJuJu (Evolve Caster) -
StealthShampoo (Evolve Caster) -


Awesome thanks!


I love Rob the most among them all, but he never really puts his skills to the test so whether or not he can be considered a pro is hard to say. He is definitely not the best hunter though. I think Rob is a great Monster player and a good hunter player. Best for watching fun casual games in my opinion.


yeah i agree, but he quite often comments and says how to play as hunters in general or a specific hunter and what to avoid while playing

it’s a little bit like you can learn from a teacher or learn from a fellow student


They are standard advice which is basically how to do a decent job which has taught me a lot. But there are some things even he doesn’t know. Like how to efficiently charge shields as tech sgt Hank or how to block rocks as assault. That’s of course high skill level play but I don’t mind where he is now. I feel that he is the most down to earth and I appreciate that a whole bunch.