Need To Reset Ranks Next Patch


Hunters ranks are too inflated right now; let even the playing field.


I’m not sure it’ll happen, but as this is more of a suggestion I adjusted the category.


Yeah, I don’t know about this. People put a lot of time to get their rank.


yeah… but if they deserve that rank shouldn’t they just as easily be placed in the same or similar rank after retesting? Either way, I think the ranks should be reset once the Overhaul 2 Patch hits.


I wouldn’t mind it so much. I lost so many points from disconnects and glitches.

I’m still salty over that game where I won the match and lost 20 points.


??? wow that sucks :no_mouth:


Yes it does.

He was a bronze destroyer monster. I was/am silver expert. We killed him with ease and I was about to humbly expect my one point only to see “-20” pop up and watch my points go down. I tried resetting thinking it was just a graphical glitch but nope. I lost them.


That’s nothing I quit ranked for months for losing 50 points to a gold tier team.


I also hate that I can go on a 20 win streak but if I lose two games I lose all the points I gained.

If the purpose was to lock you into a catagory and have you go 50/50 wouldn’t the wins and losses even out point wise? Because right now it doesnt. My wins are going beyond my losses so shouldn’t I be “leveling in rank”?

What I’m finding crazy right now is I’m winning more games a day than I lose but I’m losing a few points a day. I was setting at 120 points or so out of the 150 needed to advance. My win/loss ratio is positive but I am now setting at 43 points and looking at being demoted if something doesn’t change. Why am I going to be demoted if I am winning so much more than losing?


The ranks don’t need to be reset sarcastic side of my mind active oh yeah the whole factor of a chase comp bringing someone who’s in bronze to gold in a few measly matches is very interesting. #1 behemoth who’s a gold monster lost and he didn’t know what to expect.


With any luck if they make the chase come harder to work than many if not all of those people who don’t deserve it will go down in rank quickly. A gold team will get paired with some actually good silver skilled monsters and get those points shredded.

What they need to do is balance the point system at the moment.


It’s also exasperating when you do silly things like play in non pre-mades for a while just to get some game time, and then have to scrounge 2 points here and 6 points there to try to get back to where you were…and then the Steam server disconnects you and you drop 30 points again in one fell swoop.

I mean come on… :confused:


Losses should not be worth more than wins. If I am 50 points and I win one and lose one I should be at 50 points again. I find it completely unfair that I can win five or six in a row and lose to a monster the same rank as me and lose more points than I have gained over all the wins I just got.

I start at the hypothetical 50 again. I win 6 games and I’m now at 56. I lose to a monster in the same rank as me and I’m now at 48. That is not right.


Yea I would really love Season resets of rankings. Because even when I screw up somehow ( playing with randoms f.e.) and end up in low bronze, there is still light of hope for me that after the season ends I can try again with clean shield.

Also to justify the hard work of some players who were building their ranks,every season, there should really be some season exclusive skins, depending on your rank you have been placed in.

Or if skins are too hard to create, at least different kind of reward ( maybe exclusive badges or something )


That would be neat. Some people would just never be able to get the skins though. And that could be a little disheartening to them so maybe something else could be implemented.


I mean like there will be 5 skins lets say.

1 skin for 1-4* bronzes
1 for 5* br- 2* silver
1 for 3-5 * silver
1 for 1-4* Gold
( each season, new set of skins)

And 1 legendary skin for 5* Gold, this skin will never be changed

So even if there are some new players, who end up as bronze skilled, they will recieve at least 1 skin for free


That could work.


I think its fair to say that the current ranking system discourages experienced players from wanting to play alongside new gamer’s who might find it valuable to learn off them.

I know its not a perfect solution, but re-setting ranks every 6-12 months might be a good way to even things out for those that actually give new people a go. Either that or could more experienced players get some kind of incentive/reward for not lobby skipping and actually playing alongside lower ranks every now and then to pass their knowledge on?

It’s likely that it would work best on the Hunter side of things (team environment and all) but it may be possible to implement for the Monster players as well. Importantly, we don’t want to encourage pub stomping so this type of reward would somehow need to be managed in a way that only rewards matches that aren’t heavily favored towards one side over the other.

Forinstance, if the Monster wipes 3 or more hunters in <1min, or the dropship is called in more than 4 times over the course of the match with more than 1 Hunter on board then the reward is denied to the more experienced Monster player, for example. (I have some very angry memories of one match with a Kraken who deliberately played with its food and sent the dropship in 8 times over the power relay while standing in front of the 4th lone hunter un-moving while waiting for the next drop and totally one-sided slaughter session.).

Granted if you want to jump in without worrying about rank, then people will point out and say that this is what Quickplay is for, but what if you only want to play Hunt and not the other modes? Its also true that not all experienced players are interested in teaching, they just want to play a game at their level. Yes, these are valid arguments, and they can of course skip to the next game, but what if I am happy to play with new guys on my team every now and then?

Being penalized for just wanting to have a game when my friends list are not on, or wanting to help newcomers out in learning the game or getting their initial rank is a bitter pill to swallow right now. It would be great if we could come up with a way that incentivizes mentoring of new players within normal Hunt matches.


No need to reset it, just update the rank system in order that it removes players who are inactive for 1 month+.

  • inactive for 1 month + = removed from the leaderboard and system rank calculation

  • if the player comes back = keep its points but put him again in a “determining rank” state for 10 matches


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