Need to be able to play as the Monster with friends


One of the biggest things that needs to come to evolve is the ability to play as the monster when you have a friend in your party. That’s one of the things that made left 4 dead so much fun, being able to play against your friends. When I’m playing with a friend or two, sometimes, I just wanna be the monster or even fight them as they play as the monster. I know after the beta I asked on Twitter if this would be an option in the main game and I was told it would be, but I’m still waiting. It would be an amazing addition to the game!


I agree, it would be fun! Currently you can only do it in customs though and IMO with good reason.

I’m not sure how they did it…but I went into a match with two guys who were friends. One was the monster and one was the trapper (Wraith/Maggie) and the griefing those two pulled off was frustrating. The trapper would dome the team while the monster did laps around us. The trapper never domed the monster so we could combat it (so we lost, miserably) and they even screwed around at the end of the match and drew it out.


I understand the trolling that may happen, but honestly, I feel that could happen without friends playing in a party (I’ve experienced it myself). People who want to troll are going to find a way to do it. The main point is it just isn’t the same experience in a custom match with one person on a team of bots and one as the monster.

Sadly, however, I don’t see this issue being addressed anytime soon (or at all) by TRS…but it’s a bummer that the contingency of people who play with a friend miss out on a huge part of the whole experience TRS set out to provide.


You can, and when people do, they troll a lot. They tell the Monster where the team is and let them get destroyed.

Custom games are where that stuff should stay.


I have read posts that suggested they were looking into this. I assume that if it happens it will come to skirmish mode in the same update that adds the “ranked matchmaking” queues where the more serious players will play.

While I want to see this feature as well, when it drops they ALSO need to add a blacklist feature to preference selection because even if its possible I will never want to play monster in a group game.


There should be non-ranked play for those of us who want to play against friends. Custom games are a no-go when you only have 1 or 2 friends online. Bots are pretty dumb. Dome the monster and the assault bot goes for the tyrant instead and gets killed.