Need tips for evolve streamer


i stream a good bit of evolve and was wondering if anyone had any tips to help grow my stream seeing as my concurrent viewers is still at 2-3. is my stream if you want to check it out to give me your thoughts, i stream a lot of monster gameplay and depending if it puts me into a game, some hunter gameplay mostly medic or trapper.

Streaming 101 requested!

It just depends. I’ve been streaming for ages and still generally only have 30-50 on a good day. Sometimes around the dozen. Others have thousands that started streaming after I started. It’s just a snowball effect tbh.


thanks for the favorite man its really appreciated


I’ve been spending a ton of time on Twitch lately and I watch a lot of Sacriel and other popular streamers.

It may seem obvious, but you have to be interesting. If you’re just streaming a game and not talking or commenting on what you’re doing, it’s really not that interesting.

You also have to be engaging. People watch Twitch instead of Youtube because they want the conversation with that person they’re watching - the gimmick is that it’s interactive. If you watch Sacriel and Cohh Carnage (to name just a couple) they’re incredibly aware of what’s going on in their chat. They thank people who follow/subscribe/etc. and respond to questions as often as they can. I think there are some chat addons you can get to help, but it won’t be that hard until you’re into the several hundreds of viewers.

Taking a quick look at your stream, I’d say if you can get the resolution any better, that would help. It’s a little fuzzy and low res at the moment, so the streamers with a better quality stream will beat you out for viewers. I’d also zoom in your camera to cut out some of the messy bedroom in the background :wink:

Otherwise, just keep it going. Stream at a regular time, if you can. And if you do have a regular time, post it in your about section so people know when they can watch you.

My last comment would be to be positive. There’s a big trend towards being a jerk as part of a persona intended to get viewers. I think that attracts a certain type of viewer and isn’t necessarily the best approach. I think if you’re nice and upbeat and positive, you’ll attract similar viewers and they’re so much more fun to engage with.

Good luck!

Streaming 101 requested!