Need tips for Caira


I’ve recently started to use Caira and I find myself really enjoying her kit. Unfortunately, I’m also having trouble keeping people healthy. Kind of a big problem for a medic right? I’m landing 95%+ of my healing grenades, usually only miss one or two per match, and using healing burst to supplement. The monster just outdamages my healing output by a large margin. What are some things that help you maximize her healing output? Any tips or perk recommendations would be amazing, thank you!


Get familiar with and keep practicing with her grenades. You shouldn’t really be missing ever, missing with Caira in a hard fight will probably result in a death to be honest.

Second, do be sure to use the Speed Boost if a friend really needs it, it can help out a tonne.

Keep using the healburst at your discretion, as you’ve been doing.

If you’re doing all of that well, and your team is still getting wrecked, then the issue’s not you, your team mates just don’t know how to dodge. :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s pretty simply to learn to keep others up- just remember to always be ready to start kiting and healing yourself because the monster will sometimes just decide “fuck this, healing too stronk, gonna kill the Medic” and if he does that and you’re out of position, reloading, with HB and SB on CD, you’re dead. :stuck_out_tongue:


Like I said, if I do miss it’s one grenade in an entire hunt but I definitely get where you’re coming from :stuck_out_tongue:. I remember wondering how I could out-heal the damage from constant rock throw hits, but then I remembered that if they’re taking all of them they gotta learn to dodge! Do you have any perk recommendations? I’m kind of feeling my way around in the dark right now. I figured reload speed might be good?


Reload and then Cap used to be good on Caira for faster reloads and a five grenade magazine, but it’s been nerfed now so if you want better healing go full Reload Speed.

Full Reload is my go to most of the time honestly, it buffs your survivability and your healing for others quite a lot. There is some merit to taking Class Cooldowns perks but I think Reload’s better honestly.

To be honest, you just can’t go wrong with Reload on Caira lol.


Use your grenades from an elevated position as opposed to straight at your teammates.


Just stick to double reloads and keep practicing.
If you are landing heals as effectively as you describe there is not much more you can do.
Making your team survive just with outhealing a monster’s damage is not possible (assuming the monster is landing skills on the team).

The team must dodge at least one heavy damage dealing skill and also mitigate some damage with shielding.
Then roaching over or running around boulders, using jetpack to disrupt line of sight with monsters or/and dodge heavy damage skills and not fly around without purpose etc etc. are things your team must do in fights.

If teamates tank everything and can’t dodge a thing you will just see them die, so especially in public games with strangers just focus on your practice and don’t take it to heart they don’t survive cause it is not always your fault. :wink: