Need tips and tricks vs Caira


'morning everyone. Could anyone help me with any anti- Caira tips and tricks? I always try to focus her, (Unless Hank is the support) but by the time I manage to take her down, all my armour is gone.

This is normally how it goes:

Step1: Stage 1: take down Caira, then flee and Evolve. (1 strike on Caira)
Step2: Stage 2: take down Caira then flee and get back some armour (2 strikes on Caira)
Step3: take down Caira then flee. (Caira is dead) Get armour and finish off the hunters before Caira gets back, then take down caira.

This wins me 50% of my games against Caira, but there’s gotta be a better way.


from a thread earlier i posted asking the same

i just played a game where i downed a good caira team in under 3 minutes with stamina perk. don’t let her wear you down.


Darn it! How did I miss that thread! @SledgePainter @Takran feel free to lock this thread.


Ask, and so shall ye receive!

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