Need tips against Lazarus


Now, I know there is a way to counter this character but I can NOT for the life of me figure it out. When I now he’s cloaked, I try and smell to find him. I get no indication of where he might be, except he brings back a hunter. I try and go for the giant circles of healing, but it’s almost like he cloaks for the entire time I’m engaging a group of hunters. Then! I try and focus one down with enough armor and health to do so, but for some odd reason my monster will decide to do a heavy attack (which I’m starting to believe is every attack I make, so how the hell do you light attack?).

And what’s with Cabot’s rail gun? XD I was getting sniped at random from across the map it seems.

Cheers guys!


Was this against me?


Flee till three (kill Trapper if domed) unless they follow you into a good place for you to fight. But otherwise, get to S3, full health and armor, and:

If it’s a Bucket/Cabot, go for Laz. You can easily keep on him through cloaks. Just focus him down.

If it’s a Sunny/Hank, try take out the Sunny/Hank, then jump on Laz and just keep him locked down. If he tries to persist for the revive? Gg, you win. If he runs, keep focusing him down.


It very well might’ve been.


I dont think cabot’s railgun has an infinite range simply because i’ve never seen a reaction to it.

most guns have a dropoff distance of 100m. this means that after 100m, the “shots” deal no damage


Isn’t it a huge risk to fight the hunter’s at the relay though?


They might not have done damage, but I couldn’t feed on a batch of wildlife I took. Highly annoying more than anything else. XD


I focus support down, or assualt. Then go for Laz till he cloaks, sit on the body, go after Laz when he uncloaks.


there is a maximum distance for interrupting actions like feeding. and even firing through walls matter in this case.

he was probably much closer than you realize as 100m is outside your smell range, but even with cabots “40m penetration” limit, he can still interrupt you through walls.

this is probably what happened.


I think a huge problem I have is timing my attacks to interrupt Laz while he’s going for the revive.


Yeah good laz players can punish any second your not biting him.


Flee 'til 3 is the usual advice. I prefer to flee 'til stage 2, full armor, ready to evolve. Go in for a fight, try and get 1 strike on Laz, then run. If I still have most health, come back for another round, try for another Laz strike, run. Evolve, armor up, come back. Doesn’t always work, but I often fold during relay fights, unless I have some strikes to work with.


Cabot’s Railgun has infinite range until it reaches a wall with a thickness above or below forty meters.

If it hits a wall that’s 41+ meters thick, it just slams into it.

If it hits a wall that’s 40- meters thick, it tunnels through it, coming out in a widespread shotgun blast that can’t travel through walls and does not have infinite range.


I knew about the penetration part. Just never looked into whether or not it had a drop off


We talking about during the fight or the hunt in general. Because a good full hp laz set up in a position is a real pain in the ass.


But on a 39m thick wall does it only come out 1 meter as opposed to 10 meters on a 30m thick wall? Ive always been in the heat of the moment and never tested it.

Also does the thickness affect the width of the shotgun cone?


@bobby and @Rapterran please stay on topic.


I would say try not to engage until you’re ready for stage 2, you don’t need to evolve, just have the circle filled. Then you can test waters and get into a fight. Find a place you feel comfortable at and lure hunters to it. Try to not single out any of the hunters just do damage to whomever you can. Then you can try to lure Laz into cloaking by focusing him. After that happens beat the rest for a while and then down somebody (preferably assault or a damage dealing support). Then look for signs of Laz, cloak should be gone, and unless Support cloaks him then you should be able to focus him. However even if support coaks him then you will only have Trapper dealing damage to you. Even if you don’t manage to get Laz down then at least if you avoid damage the team should decide to pick up the fallen hunter.

Just a few more things:

  1. Once you down somebody try to move a lot, don’t be stationary near the body.

  2. If you dealt enough damage around try to down two hunters instead of one.

  3. Don’t let any of the hunters get comfortable, they should all be moving, wasting jetpacks.


My strategy for Laz is to get strikes on him ASAP. He may be able to remove the team’s strikeS but a weak Laz is a good Laz!


Those are both very good questions.

I know that the thickness doesn’t affect shot-width, but I don’t know about that range thing. Might be worth testing or asking a dev.