Need some people to play with on PC


Hey there! I took a break from Evolve since it was impossible to find a game and when I did I got destroyed. I went from a ~20 game win streak pre-Gorgan patch to ~20 losing streak post-Gorgan patch as hunter.

But I’m back and looking for some folks to play with!

If you’re interested, friend me on steam (CrinkleChips13x) and message me, since I’ll forget to look at the responses on this xD


Time to bump this. A LFG thread that doesnt have a billion responses…
What hours do you play? (I dont play enough as it is… otherwise i’d send the request)


I’d check here if I were you. :slight_smile:


add me on steam






check my profile and add me bruh…also, play a lot of quickplay and add everyone you meet or had fun with, it helps :slightly_smiling:


I might be interested but to be honest I don’t play much lately.

Wait times to find games is too long, I took a long break and aren’t that skilled anymore (wasn’t much to start with) and people seem to hate playing with me as a result. I don’t take matches nearly as seriously as half of the people in PUGs I’ve played with.


nah, not if you play quickplay. If you are interested, send me a friend request and we could play some games if you’re on :slightly_smiling: