Need some Monster or Hunter Coaching?


Hello all, new to the game, or just getting used to a certain play style (Monster, Hunter, Ect.)

I am willing to coach some people here on the forums, whether you need Monster help, or hunter help.
Because just maybe you need some help figuring out those darn Mortars!

Well, I have an extreme extent of knowledge of these things, so upload a video on this Thread, and I will help you out!


I too am glad to help, of needed in conjunction with abovementioned person (if he agrees that is :grin:)


I’m available for coaching as well. I’m almost always on evolve, so shoot me a message and we’ll practice. I’m on PS4, and my ID is Terry_Locke


Put me in coach i’m ready to play, today, look at me! i can be, maggie!


I have a whole bunch of Monster Tactics threads that could be of use to new players. If those arent enough for you, im usually around to provide lots of help on strategy and keeping yourself alive. Mind if I link my other topics here? i have 4 so far.


Go for it.


List of community Coaches
Put names here.

@LordDerp PC
@Terry_Locke Ps4
demonhunter1245 Ps4


i cant edit it to put my name. is it only for regulars and above?


Idk… I’ll put it in for you.


Links to helpful monster tips:


you should probably mention what platforms all the coaches are on… :sunny:


I would like my name to be on the list as well, but I guess I lost my regular status. I can’t do it myself.



10 char


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