Need some Lore facts

I’m brewing up a nice big conspiracy theory for Evolve, but I need some extra facts before I jump to conclusions.

I need everything we know on

Patterson fields (who produces them, and what are they used for besides generators?)
Presence of Shear corporations on Factor
Whether Behemoth was the only monster on Factor
What occupations the Ajax crew held
Law and legal policy on Shear

I have some really neat ideas but I would like to know about these for better refinement of them. Piecing together a super vague Lore ain’t so easy, don’tcha know.

There might also be some stuff that th lprevious topic missed in here

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No, a ‘monster that made other monsters’ was also seen by Maggie. The devs confirmed that she is referring to the host.

Is Jack’s mom.

Uses crystals or mushrooms to produce healing.

I think Lennox also designed the colony. I know some of the obvious stuff.

Edit : Also, Basilisk Wars. Who was on who’s side?

Basically a brief summary
NORDITA: One of the major corporations in the far arm. They hold a lot of control and influence over the far arm, and their law tends to be what gets used over Hub laws. Hub doesn’t care as long as the colonies and corporations don’t try to break away from Hub.

Salveron: Leading med tech manufactures. They are another corporation, but hold less power than NORDITA.

Patterson fields: I think the technology is produced by a lot of people. They are used for FTL drives, mobile arenas, shield tech.

Corporations on Factor: I’d assume NORDITA was on Factor due to their concern, and knowledge of the monsters advance on Shear.

Behemoth only on Shear: Multiple monsters were present on Shear.

Ajax Crew: An Ebonstar vessel that was carrying a monster we haven’t seen in game yet. It would have been carrying PMCs

Law: Don’t think I’ve heard anything over this

Lennox: Founded Shear, and is the mother of Jack.

Basilisk Wars: Hub vs Far Arm corporations. When a company decides to break away from the Hub you have a war. To defend itself the corporations created the mutagen soldiers. Hub attacked with Lazarus men and mercs such as Hyde.

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Lennox founded the Broken Hill Colonies. Not shear.

Wiki states she designed almost everything on Shear, so even if she did not found Shear, she might as well have.

That would make more sense then. Lol.

Lennox is not a founder, she was hired by the founders to design all the Phase Three stuff you see. She was already a legendary architect and engineer at that point.

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Thanks for the clarification! <3

It’s one of the biggest corporations in the area. NORDITA has a lot of power, and control/make most everything. NORDITA is like Apple on steroids and Parnell’s super soldier juice.

They grow a fungus called Generyst which can regenerate cells in living beings at an alarming rate. Generyst is what fuels the MedGun, heal burst, and makes up the Generyst grenades.

Don’t know who produces them, but I know that it’s what they use in star ships to travel through Patterson Space to travel faster than light.

I’ll be back in a bit to answer the rest.

White Wind and Grand Delta are the only useful ones.

For others who dont know, the lazarus device works differently than above. The Lazarus device is similar to a defibrillator for the brain.

EVOLVE WIKI: This device uses a whopping 1 billion volts of life at 3,700 miles per second. Even he doesn't entirely know how it works, but according to Lennox, it converts some of the fat in the brain tissue into electricity, turning each neuron into a potentiometer for an instant.

It’s commonly agreed among Lazarus’ compatriots that it’s best not to think about the side effects, as brain damage is apparently a common result.

Another thing to note, the LARGE buildings on Shear that contain the Generators are actually ships themselves

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Almost all of the large structures on shear were brought to the planet, only the smaller houses and structures were actually built, and even then they were more of an assembly than actual manufacture. As it is much quicker and cheaper in setting to build the stuff on established industrial worlds and simple fly them across the galaxy than to try to actually build them locally.

whats funny is that even with the so called “lack of story” in the game, those of us who have stayed with it have discovered a lot about this universe.

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