Need some help with crashing

So I’m having an issue where the end of every game either hunters win or monster wins causes a total crash of my whole pc.
No so far all my diagnosis tests come up clean, no issues no mega heat or system fails.
Has anyone got an idea where I should start to find what is the cause?
I’m going to try a full system wipe and reset bit I really don’t want to as Im building my new pc by Tuesday and don’t feel like that hassle but I don’t want to miss sign in rewards.

It shouldn’t be possible for the game to bring the whole system down, generally. I would suspect a hardware fault. It’s strange that it happens just at that one point in the game, though.

Verify Integrity is painless, might as well try it just in case.

My steam has been doing strange things aswell now, and it’s all on one drive I really hope that one ( funnily the only one I never checked) isn’t damaged.
It would take days to refill my steam games folder alone.