Need Some Help Buying Stuff For Steam Sales


So since this is the first time I actually PC game I’m going to buy some games such as Portal and Portal 2. I’m also thinking about getting Half-Life and I saw that they have expansion packs and such so I wanted to ask what parts of the game do you recommend I purchase and do not purchase?


So… you’re going for the Valve stuff? Or just the generally most popular stuff on Steam?

Or just Half-life?


Half Life 1? Get both of them, Blue Shift and Opposing force.
Blue shift you play as Barry, a security guard from his Point of View paralell to the main story, while in Opposing force you play as an enemy soldiers.

Opposing force > Blue Shift if you are low on money.


I’m just going for stuff I’ve heard I should definitely play.


Are they both necessary to the main plot though?


No, they are independant stories, though Barry is an important character in HL2
But he never refers to the events in Blue Shift, so you don’t have any “Was that important, should I know?” moments.

I really urge you to at least get Opposing force though. They are full-blown games, not like modern expansion packs and the story/adventure is pretty damn good.



Yeah, with HL, it doesn’t matter much if you get all the DLCs or not. Getting Episode 2 matters, but nothing else is really that critical.

That said, both of the packs go on sale for really low amounts. I’ll bet you can snatch both with all DLC for less than 15 bucks.


The Portal games are some of the best I’ve ever played. Hands down. Portal 2 is in my top 10, but the first wasn’t as satisfying. Great buys for their current price.

I was personally indifferent about the Half Life games. If you want them, though, now would be the time with the holiday sales.


All of them!

  • Half life 1 (Get Black Mesa instead, it’s a graphical remake of Half life 1 and they just overall improved the game. It used to be a free( not sure if it still is), but those who made the mod were later granted access to sell it, so now you can purchase a graphical improved version of Black mesa, which is a graphical updated version of Half life 1. It should be on sale on steam too).

  • Opposing force

  • Blue shift

  • Half life 2 + EP1 & EP2

Just… just get 'em all!


If you’re not easily offended and have a really, really f*cked up sense of humor, then pick up postal as well, really fun game. Not on the same level as half life or portal, but funny nonetheless






The Portal games are amazing! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Especially Portal 2!

Soma is a freaking awesome game, I suggest you put that on your buy list C:


This is what I’ve got so far.


I’m trying to think of games you should play.

And I can’t seem to find them.

What’s your build anyway?


It’s not the best PC but I’m on a budget and I got it for $500 with a KB+M.


Okay, I see.

Look for Metro 2033. You might like that.


Black Mesa.
That was the remake of HL1 put into HL2’s engine right?


Decided to buy this instead.


Good grab. :stuck_out_tongue:


Might be a silly question but do you have Evolve for PC yet?