Need some Game related baby names ^_^


My wife and I just found out she ten week pregnant, So i’d like to get some really good names, I would prefer gaming related names ( boy and girl as we don’t know the gender yet) but hey im open to anything as long as it unique and cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Just Don’t suggest Kitana, As that is already my first daughter name :smiley:
I’m just really having a hard time coming up with a good one, So i thought a gaming forum might have some good suggestion :slight_smile:





I’ve always liked Arcade for a boy or Atari for a girl.


What are some of your favorite games? You could always name it Zelda. That way you can’t tell if it’s a boy or girl :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats bud :smile:

As for names I don’t have a clue I’m afraid… I always liked Lord Jaraxxus, Overlord of the Burning Legion :stuck_out_tongue:


My wife was saying she liked the name Luna which happens to be a hero in Dota 2, then when she realized it was hero she didn’t want to name my daughter that! So I recommend Luna… or Lina (another Hero) lol


Hmmn well, just off the top of my head here but Lilith, Roland, Mordecai, Axton, Maya, uuuuh Zero?

You know, just random names popping into my head!


You should name the child scorpion so if hes bad you just yell …GET OVER HERE.


Hmmm all great answers

There so many games out there to choose from! My wife didn’t like Zelda I already suggest that early on lol

I wouldn’t mind taking another name from mortal kombat but I don’t want to seems like I’m a MK freak :smiley:. It just they got some great names in that universe

Hmm wonder if I could dabble into the DC/marvel universe and find a hero name.

I really wanted zatanna from DC but she said it sounded to much like kitana :frowning:


Link, Cloud, Kratos, Seven, Kirito, Yasuo, Yorick

Zelda, Yufi, Nami

Teemo, if you really want your kid to get beat up.

I’m really bad at this I know…


Not to bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Im hoping I can convince her for a boy to go with “Alucard”


I like Garrus or Shepard for a boy.

Tali or Aria for a girl.

Mass Effect yay!


Val (Valerie) Caira or Maggie are all nice girl’s names. As for male names, Griffin or James both have a nice ring to them. William, perhaps. It depends on your fave game. What is that?


Jensen for a boy or Malik for a girl (though it sounds kinda unisex to me)? :smiley:


Well hey, there’s always the characters from this game.

Parnell isn’t a very common name, nor is Cabot.


Somebody’s been playing Human Revolution. Brilliant game. What about Adam instead of Jensen though?

@SlinkyGuy I believe the proper spelling for that name is Zer0!

Caira is a beautiful name. It’s one I’d love to use for sure.

When you say Alucard, are you borrowing that from Castlevania? Julius would be awesome too.


Yeah, I really like the game. Adam’s a good name, I just suggested Jensen because it can, IMO, work as a first name and isn’t as common.


It does sound like it has first name potential.


Dante, Jak, Estelle/Estillese Rita Judith, Joel, Ellie, Delson, Desmond, Issac, Lightining. Tell me what you think i also like sylver as a nane


Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda after the video games. :smile:

So you’re in good company.


One thing is for sure. The middle name has to be “wait for it”