Need some assault science in here

I keep running into people that keep saying that markov isn’t better than lennox when it comes to krakens. I know this is baloney but i’d like someone to put forth some science into this for me to end this poorly misguided judgement against markov once and for all.

#Parnell is the best against Kraken IMO

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this is a markov thread not a parnell thread pls leave

Lennox better than markov against kraken? Nope. Lennox is just bad against kraken, at least markov could keep damage going on.

Both of Markov’s weapons can do consistent damage.
Only 1 of Lennox’s weapons can.

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also lennox’s hand cannon misses like crazy due to its bullet delay hitting its target

Well that was rude.

The feels are hurt. The jimmies remain unrustled.

In my opinion, Markov is shit against everyone but compared to Lennox, he’s better with Kraken.


i’m not sure why you’re saying markov isn’t better than hyde/parnell/torvald against kraken. pls explain yourself for this heresy.

I recently saw an ESL match that featured a Lennox v Kraken.

Of course the team that took Lennox lost. I’m not sure exactly what science you’re looking for OP, but there’s no way Lennox’s AA Gun DPS is greater than Markov’s LG/AR. The simple fact is that versus a Kraken, Lennox’s plasma lance is genuinely useless. Sure, you might get a few hits in here and there especially if Trapper’s CC is on point but you’re not going to keep the multiplier up enough to out damage Markov’s Lightning Gun.

The majority of Lennox’s kit is just bad against Kraken. AA gun is the only reliable damage, and it’s not enough for the Assault to do their job and make trades in the hunters favor. Markov is simply more reliable, if someone argues Lennox > Markov vs Kraken, I’m doubting their strategy is well thought.

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i know what team you’re talking about and i told them to go markov but the nonbelievers refused the word of the holy one. please help me my brethren into helping me convert the misguided ones.

If you can aim, Lennox is better than Markov against Kraken, but since so many krakens just spam direction buttons and don’t have a clue where they’re going themselves, I’d much prefer markov

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Markov denies Banshee Mines. Markov better than Lennox, end of discussion.

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Markov, like all other assaults have three weapons in his kit to fight Monsters.

#Lightning Gun
This has a high range and decent DPS. He can shoot Kraken from a decent distance while also dealing damage.

#Assault Rifle
Also ranged and decent damage allows him to do decent DPS against the Monster.

#Arc Mine
Completely useless against Kraken unless the Kraken is a complete idiot, or is AS dive-bombing.

Hyde has three items in his kit, all are long ranged and can deal high damage.

Parnell has two high DPS items and a second ability allowing even higher DPS against the Kraken.

Torvald has Mortars, and the Auto-fire Shotgun which are both high-damage weapons and if used correctly are devastating even to a Kraken. The Shrapnel grenade allows him and everyone with a bullet-based weapon to deal extra damage.

Lennox has a close ranged weapon, a long ranged weapon, and a third ability for high damage on ground targets, Lennox is very good against Kraken but only with a good team and a poor Monster player, she is better than Markov if played right but usually, has less damage potential unless the Kraken stays grounded.


monsters hide behind cover until super soldiers wear off, and typically will never hit a monster that saves traversals while migitating damage just for super soldier. not useful for anything avoiding fights.


flamethrower has enough range only to use up his entire jetpack for a few seconds. chain gun unmatched by LG. dont count on grenades doing any damage worth mentioning.


mortars have potential to miss every single shot. auto shotgun only useful up close and inaccurate as balls. teehee look at me throw my frisbee.

elder god of the sun tier: markov
can i please play the game now tier: all other assaults

Are we even playing the same game?

For Parnell all those problems work for all other Assaults. Including Markov.

Hydes flamethrower has equal if not more range while dealing more consistent damage. Saying grenades do no damage? Ha. Funny.

As for Torvald, all Assaults have the ability to miss, Torvald is no exception and like every other Assault he has to be up close.

We’re obviously not playing the same game.

@ToiletWraith come defend your Hyde.


parnell requires super solider just to be on the same damage level as all the other assaults though.

hyde has less range.

markov doesn’t miss u silly he also has supreme master race range on his lg, not to mention takes care of any mines immediately.

markov 1
other assaults 0

I’m done arguing with you, you’re being stubborn and I won’t be arguing with a brick wall.

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I love Markov vs Kraken.

Markov is un-BREAKABLE!!!


Talk about shock crotch.


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