Need serious help @trs Xbox one


Dear,trs why does it take so many pts in ranked when I get disconnected from a game but when we win give us 1 it’s not fun trying to replace the points makes the game not worth playing (don’t nebody tell me to play qp) I have videos of some of the stupidest DC’s and it happens way to often is there anyway you would start replacing points lost like this? You should figure it out thx. PS I have alot of screen shots of alot of other bugs that’s happen tried 2k repot site no help there


This would be the main thread for talk about the ranked points system

Or if you just want to rant about what you don’t like about it this would be the thread for you

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It not a vent it’s a do it or I won’t play the gsme period and a unplayable game is almost like a slap in the face have u ever heard of customer is always right


That would qualify what you’re saying for the vent thread, also I work in retail and sales and I can guarantee you that the “The customer is always right” is a horrid misconception


I don’t care about losing the points if I lose that’s 100℅ OK but to lose a 4 or 5 points to a disconnect ? Is a problem maybe a bug in their system they can change a vent topic means ur mad about something and I not


And plus idk if they would look at a vent topic


It’s not a bug, it’s that there’s no way for the system to tell whether you ragequit or legitimately dc’d, so they have to treat it like a ragequit which is an automatic loss, there’s also no way for them to manipulate rankings other than completely resetting the leaderboards


I do understand your frustration, thats why i suggested a “reconnect” function a year ago ( check my previous post ). Maybe they are working on it, maybe not. I know TRS will do whats best for us players, they just need time.

The other problem youve encounter was the rank point system. you can search how rank system works in evolve, as there is another thread about it. Most likely reason you get +1-2 points gain was because you are against lower rank players (monster/hunter), one or two rank lower than you.


Yeah mostly silver expert and sliver master I’m a silver expert but when I don’t DC we do very well should be well into silver master but always have this DC issue these monsters cheese it when 1 person DC I’m just like why? The reconnect thing is a great idea make everything stop all at the same time until the person or someone else joins


All in all I don’t want your opinion. Something should be done


That’s not my opinion those are the facts that the devs have told us


For the moment, I moved your thread to “General” as this really isn’t a bug report.

Also, what is your platform? If it’s PS4 your disconnect issue is very likely related to the PSN issue, in which case you should keep an eye on the thread below:

See the first thread linked by Fatesrevenge if you want answers on the points system.

If you have screenshots or videos of a bug, feel free to start up a bug thread providing as much info as you can on the bugs you found. TRS do their best to read through every bug report posted on the forum and every bit of information helps them fix the reported bug. :slightly_smiling:



Not all are just disconnects well kinda maybe I have two recordings one whe a EK went to evolve and when he did it popped up monster wins hunters abandon the match (no one left the match) I lost -4 same night a behemoth everyone but me and the monster lagged\DC well my teammates were running in place no AI took over still showed teammates in the game that was easy for the monster still player controlled -3 points I have a few others I have video for i will post I have to upload to YouTube the post here I don’t record all of them but I also quit counting them all in hopes that someone else has brought this topic up


If you were on Xbox I’d say its a internet problem. I’ve had that stuff all happen when my Internet (or someones on my team) was on the fritz. Especially the everyone running in place.

When are you going to post these vids? I’m keeping your profile up to see when you make the bugs thread for it.

Edit: I read up a bit and discovered you never said which platform you play evolve on. If you are on Xbox, what’s your GT? You can post clips from your Xbox here by using


Called ISP a few times my internet works perfectly fine


I guess that means you called the other 4 peoples isp’s as well right?

Platform you play evolve on?


In the topic not to be rude but how can you pretend to know if u haven’t even read that


Not to be rude but we can all see your edits. BTW welcome to the forums.


My GT is MYKN1F3URF4C387 I have some clip but our assault record’s more and we always play together hers is sullyr0x