Need over all support tips


OK I main support I don’t just play one of them I play Hank,Sunny, Cabot I just want some survivability tips that work with all of them as it is right now the medic I did play whine and thinks I should only play defensive while assult is struggling to get damage and doesn’t have protection because his trying to force the monster out of a hiding spot


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Right the sunny thread look kinda small but I see useful info thx


As Cabot, cloak a Hunter if they are being targeted by the monster.


I know this with Cabot tho I use my cloak for myself as I usually am the first target on the monster to do list but I use it then let my team know I’m cloaked then trapper, medic can jump in .


Well, it really depends on the comp.
For example I wouldn’t use your cloak on the trapper or assault after the monster is stage 2 if you’re with a Laz; save it for him.
For Hank, I’d use you’re cloak before you use the orbital, and then if the monster is still on you when cloaked, drop the orbital.

For Sunny, make sure to keep a drone up at all times, even if it’s only in a decent spot or on the floor and not a perch. Make sure to tell your team where the drone is for them to boost towards.

Cloak timing is also important. I’d say cloak when you get to 50% health when your up against a Kraken or Wraith, 70% when up against a Goliath, Gorgon, or Behemoth and then whenever you aren’t on fire and being focused against a Meteor.
These timings are based around the assumption the Med Gun has been fully spent or the Medic lost LoS.

One thing that makes any support (or hunter) better is memorizing the monsters’ abilities’ cooldowns.

Every other tip depends on the character you’re playing.


I just guess what ability comes next. I.e. Tongue grab and then fissure with behemoth.


Have this happen alot edit… even tho I’m cloaked


That medic is stupid:

Hank - shield/cover the assault.
Cabot - shoot through the wall.
Sunny - boost the assault out if monster is hiding and towards if running, cover them from pounces.