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Whenever I play a good team they always win. It’s the same thing everytime, I go get full evolve meter before the first dome, fight them if I’m lucky the trapper has thrown a bad dome and I can avoid health damage but usually I escape with less than half health then I get a short distance and evolve and I know that it’s not even that far because they are already on me shooting me then I get domed again before I can even get full armour. How is this fair? Can anyone help me with this? And even after all that when I do get someone down the hunters have taken so much of my health that one strike does not matter and I cannot camp the body to finish them off.


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You can avoid being a monster. Surefire way of never loosing as a monster.


This topic has links to my other monster tips. Check it out and hopefully it’s useful to you.


I use speed perk and still cant get away from issue, any delay in eating and you dont get to eat before getting shot at, but sometimes maps feel like their too small, against a half decent team and play as goliath you will have a hard time doing anything, if the hunters know the map better than you your screwed, one team earlier i played worked together well, i gave them the slip and they lined up down the highest points down the center of the map,

there is no defence against this, they see you it doesnt take long before you are caught up with, hunt mode is all about strategy and if you cant get a game you cant improve any strategy, as monster the only friend you have is the map, whats in your post happens to me constantly, and i dont mind if i could get a game but i cant, i loose i wait an hour before i get any hope so cant afford to make stupid mistakes but do anyway because i never take risks as often as i should,


Sometimes you can’t sneak around a map. There are teams that once they spot you, they will never lose you so you have to adapt to that. Instead of trying to lose them, drag them along.

Feed on the run.
Don’t sneak.
Burn traversals to get distance.
Leave hostile wildlife alive. In fact, run over it.
When it’s time to evolve, run clear across the map in one sprint.
Once domed, if you know you aren’t dry for them, don’t engage. Mitigate dmg. Dodge and hide.
Get to stage 3. Get a good elite buff and atk them at the relay, but be careful of them trying to choose the battle ground. Lure them into a battleground more favorable for you.


burn traversals? what are traversals? leaps and bounds?


Yes, Goliath jumps…kraken flies…wraith ports…Bob rolls…gorgon spidey-swings.


so what perk do you recommend for goliath verses an on your ass the whole time team, i use movement speed usually, i do wish i could use both smell and movement speed perks together,



The perks for the Monsters can typically depend on what game type you’re focusing on. I usually never choose the exact same perk for a Monster, although it is typically different for Hunters who need one specific play-style depending heavily on the Monster choice and it’s player - knowing both can be game-affecting in every way.

Now, depending on the Monster and the game-mode are my factors. I’ll be here to tell you which ones are typically the best as each Monster and which ones are good depending on the Hunters you are likely to be facing in the combat zone. Remember, popular character roles, such as the Medic, are the ones that can revive their teammates from the dead and these characters are quite notably Lazarus and E.M.E.T.; we’ll discuss this further as we go along.

This was a post meant specifically for you, but anyone that needs some help could be more than willing to get my advice in the matter. Having clocked over a good deal of hours on Evolve, and being one of the top players in Goliath in the world, I sure do hope you take this advice for granted and don’t skim over it.

Alright, I hear from posts prior to this you’re looking to be a better Goliath player. Here are my tips for you.

Monster: 1


Hunt: In the Hunt game-type, the Goliath will be one of the better choices due to its’ high-armor capacities through its’ earlier stages, and this can be helpful, especially if caught in a God-Dome at an earlier stage by more advanced players. The Goliath, due to its heavy speed and far-ranged traversal, shouldn’t require a speed perk at the start of the round - instead I would aim for traversal perks or climb-speed perks so you can navigate the round easier - having a standard movement speed perk won’t do the trick. And remember! There is a pretty effective movement speed buff in the map you can pick up from one of the Elite creatures, so this, mixed in with one of the two above are fatal, as well as deadly.

Also, the Goliath uses its’ natural skills, such as the Charge or Leap Smash, to get extra distance as well, so be sure to include those in your sequences of trying to get ahead of the Hunter players. This can be very dangerous against a Support like Kala, so be careful that one of her Teleport Pads aren’t positioned near you, and be sure not to back-track. As I already said up above, the Hunter choices can heavily impact this - but before the match starts, you can never really be sure which one it will be, so always go off popular Hunter choices.

Arena: Due to its’ high damage output, the Goliath is also a great choice for the Arena game type. We discussed the speed perks you could use to get around, but for this one, it will be about getting as much of your shields back as possible if they fall below a certain point. For Arena, I typically choose feeding speed perks, so I can get my shields back faster, or extra damage output, so I have a stronger impact on the Hunter players. And I now it can sound like a bit of a noob-like move, but always Stealth-Pounce the final Hunter before the 400% extra damage can come on. Against Assault this will be fatal.

It will be fatal.

Defend: For this game type while playing as the Monster, your best friend will be your Minion Spawns and your absolute strength and shields. Don’t select the feeding speed perks as your best choice here, because you will have plenty of map to get away from the Hunters. Here, typically use damage output or maybe extra smell distance, so you know which Hunters are coming which way. (Be sure to recall some Novice players will follow a weakened Monster into the back of the map - extra smell-distance will help you locate him and pounce-attack him before he can rally his team-mates to his aid).

Be sure to know that you’re attacking the Generators at every Minion Spawn, and run when your shields are down or after the Goliaths are killed - having the Minions there will help divide all of the attack power and your damage output on both the Hunters and the Generators will be maximum. Be sure to recall which Hunters you’re fighting.

Oh yes, and all of these skills can fit in with the Meteor Goliath adaptations.

Monster: 2


Hunt: The Kraken is a Monster that is considered “easy to win with,” or “not very hard to use.” Some have described this beast to be “unbeatable.” Players that don’t know the benefits and disadvantages of the Kraken have called me a “noob player” for selecting this Monster. I’ll tell you why I’m so good at it, and we can see how you can improve on other Monsters despite just the Goliath. Let’s talk.

The kind of perks you’re going to want to choose as the Kraken during hunt mode will not even remotely be on movement speed or feeding speed, or traversal abilities, since the flying Monster can get around the map quite easily and without much complication and can be primarily hard to hit. The perks I recommend for this one would be far-ranged smelling or even better, the ability cool-downs so you can get the creature’s Lightning Strike and Aftershock back faster. This will help with pushing Hunters away from you with the Vortex skill, and dealing an effective amount of damage altogether.

Arena: As with all other Monsters, I will typically (and most always) recommend using the feeding speed perk, but if you’re specifically looking for one that corresponds well with the Kraken, I would typically use traversal increase, so you can swiftly swoop in-and-out of combat and reach far-range zones away from the Hunters to deal your most damage. This way you can wing around if you need shields to eat, or use hit-and-run tactics that can typically work well with Kraken players.

However, you have to be careful to avoid Trappers - especially Griffin and Maggie - that will use Harpoon Traps/Guns on you to make sure your movement is limited. Unless the Medic is Lazarus, and if you’re fast enough for E.M.E.T., definitely take out these players first, because they will strive to make sure you’re staying put.

Defend: As the Kraken - I would never choose Defend personally for this Monster, but for others that are looking to improve their masteries or just find this one fun to play, I would select damage output perks or damage resistance perks so you can deal as much damage to the Generators and Hunters as much as possible. While playing as the Kraken, you’re going to want to put down the Hunters first before you do too much focusing on your primary objective, (of course unless you want to dive in-and-out of combat every five seconds to regain what you’ve lost in shields).

Other than that - I just wouldn’t recommend this Monster for this game type at all, or there might be some Novice Hunters you’re playing against that could take a beating, I suppose. Although some other players may argue with my statement because the Kraken is a far-ranged Monster and can attack the Generators/Power Source without having to be close enough for the turrets/Hunters to attack. While this is a good idea, it also looses concentration on your Minion Spawns, and if you get too close, the Trapper will eventually dome you.

Since I have things to do, I’ll let you know which perks help fit the other Monsters later. Hope this helps with the Goliath and Kraken - as for the Wraith, Behemoth and Gorgon… I’ll come back and finish that later.

And as usual, Happy Hunting!


Ah Alex I see your problem. The best time to put your self into a great spot is in the beginning. Obviously sneak off and don’t eat until you find a three meat snack. Then if you need more food make sure that you eat food under a ceiling so carrions birds can’t ruin your day. Then stop eating. YES STOP EATING it sounds weird but it’s your best stealth tool. Avoid one meat snacks at all times (unless you just evolved). Once you have had enough food, meaning that you have full armor because hunters can only take down your armor if you’re domed and if you hide and jump all over the place. If you aren’t caught then sit in a bush or something and listen for the hunter’s jetpacks. If you can hear them then they’re too close for you to evolve or eat more food. Once then you can’t hear the hunter’s jetpacks then it’s safe to eat or evolve, but this is VERY IMPORTANT evolve when you have food at your evolve spot because then you will be able to have some quick armor after you evolve. Once you’re stage get some armor and kick some butt. Oh one other thing if you get carrion birds as your third or fourth snack stop eating immediately and keep moving, once you believe that the hunter’s are too close sit in the best concealment possible at the time and just sit there and don’t move. The hunters will probably run past you and if you can see the hunters without smelling then don’t smell because hunters will hear you. I hope this helped you Alex and that it works smoothly also if you have any questions about what to do in what scenario then ask me and I will give you my best opinion. Have fun and I hope you get better games, happy hunting.


I will try my best to be on the forums tomorrow alexander42 and I will give my feedback as you may want it. Oh and read my previous reply if you haven’t already. Sorry if it was too large of a post for you.


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