Need logical, rational and scientific explanation of this behavior


Why on Shear all attacks cancel jetpack? And why you can’t use it again until you set foot on the ground? And why monster can hit you even when you dodge?


If you dodge well and with good timing, you can get out of the way of every attack, provided you have enough jetpack fuel, however, I wish jetpack would recharge in the air


“Dodge well” can mean anything. I’m dodging the moment I see monster coming at me. And even though I’m already gone from place when it landed, it can still hit me with full force.



The Monster smacks the small jetpack hard enough to screw up the device temporarily, like an old Gameboy that goes lights out after you drop it from even the shortest distance.


We’re living in a tumble meta. Monsters tumble Hunters to death. That’s how it is. That’s why defensive Supports are deemed so gud.
The inability to use it until you hit the ground again however is what I consider a bug. It’s a very, very frequent bug at that but it doesn’t happen all the time.
Inconsistent “mechanic” == bug if you ask me.


Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.
The Monster’s fist smashes into the jetpack device, causing a short circuit which prevents the jetpack from applying any further acceleration thus allowing the momentum of Goliath’s fist to further smack the Hunter down.

Also, lag.


Magic Forcefield


Oh yeah. When I’m hosting the game lag is definitively the culprit.


Mystery solved!

To be honest I doubt lag has anything to do with it, but if so then whoever hosts would only be 50% of the problem. This issue is caused by 2 characters interacting with each other, after all. Maybe the Monster has 200ms ping.


That was sarcasm! I can’t have lag when I’m on the same server. And lag certainly can’t be the issue when everyone has ping bellow 50 ms all the time. I have this in every single match. In all of them.


FTFY. :grin: (don’t hurt me)


Omg dbz abridge reference

Love u