Need Kraken tips


I’m getting my ass handed to me. :cry: Haven’t won as the Kraken yet. Fellow monsters, lend me your knowledge!


Keep distance from hunters.
Fly around the edge of dome.

Use combo of Vortex, followed with a single banshee mine where hunter is supposed to land and immediately lightning strike. That should either down them or be left with almost no health (below 10%).

Don’t spam banshee mines on a single target. Exploding mines push other away, making them practically useless.


Really? I’ve not yet lost as Kraken! Pick the cooldown perk, it’s never a bad choice. When you start put 2 points in lightning and 1 in Vortex (or 2 in Vortex 1 in Lightning)

This is long sorry :laughing:

#Lightning Strike
The Lightning Strike is the Kraken’s main long-range damage ability. When activated, the Kraken begins to charge up a circle of lightning on the ground. During the charge, you can move the circle anywhere you want. After two seconds, a Lightning Strike will appear at the circle, dealing heavy damage and knocking back all hunters. Note that the hunters can see the circle as well.

The Lightning Strike allows the Kraken to heavily damage the hunters from afar. While the AoE is still pretty ok, it’s best aimed at a single hunter. It’s easier to keep the Aoe on them while it’s charging the strike. Since you can accurately hit a hunter with Lightning Strike, you should pick a target before you start the ability.

You can also use it catch a couple of unaware herbivores to get some easy snacks. Or use it to safely soften up a carnivore.

Because of it’s long range, you can also use it to harras the hunters from afar. If there defending the generator, A lightning Strike or two should soften them up. Or what about a suprise Lightning Strike while there busy killing carnivores?

During the charge time, you can move but you are slowed. Try to pop in and out of cover while you are charging the strike. This also means that the skill has little defensive uses. as mentioned you are slowed down and you need to face the hunters if you want to hit them.

The Vortex is the Kraken’s main crowd-control ability. The Kraken shoots a very large sphere of energy that damages and knocks back any hunters.

This is by far the Kraken’s most versatile ability. The sphere moves quick enough to catch any herbivore that tries to run away, making it an excellent hunting tool. For defensive purposes, the knock-back should be pretty self-explaining. Simply throw it in the general direction of the hunters and your bound to knock most of them back. The AoE is so large, it’s almost impossible to dodge for the hunters at medium range.

For offense, the ability is great as both an AoE damage dealer and for the crowd control. Knock the assault away so he stops doing damage for a while? Or perhaps you can knock the medic into a wall so he is easier to hit with your other abilities or basic attacks? And once again, the Aoe is so large that there is a big chance you can at least two hunters. Even if you want a specific hunter knocked back, you might as well aim the shot so that it hits both of them!

Aftershock is the Kraken’s big AoE. He charges up lighting around him and releases it after two seconds, damaging anything standing in the AoE.

This ability is a bit odd for the Kraken, since he has to stand close to his targets in order to hit them with an Aftershock. While the damage is quite high and the big AoE pretty much means your gonna hit multiple hunters, you have to stand right in the middle of them. This means: Harpoon traps, mines, turrets and all sorts of other nasty stuff. Still, the Aftershock can be used as a powerful finishing move and combined with the Vortex allows you to massive AoE damage in quick succession. This can often incapacitate multiple hunters in rapid succession which means victory can be close!

#Banshee Mines
The Kraken spits out three floating orbs. These orbs activate when an enemy get’s near them, which will cause them to make a deafening screech and explode if they come in contact with the target. When they make contact, they will explode cause medium damage and a light knockback. Up to three mines can be fired, after that the ability goes on cooldown.

The Banshee mines are great to spread chaos among the hunters. The noise, red-glowing orbs can do massive damage if they’re left unchecked by the hunters. They will pop by a single shot from any hunter weapon though, so make sure that he hunters are knocked back first or distracted in some other way. Another thing to consider is that if the mines explode, all the other mines will bounce away from that position. So be sure to spread them out during fights!

You can also use the mines to set up ambushes. Place a couple of mines behind a wall, move back, wait for the hunters to be distracted by the mines and hit them with a Lightning Strike/Vortex. You can also quickly drop them behind you if the hunters are chasing you.

Happy Hunting! :smile:


I’m pretty good with Goliath. Probably need to change my mentality, I tend to try to rampage in with Kraken.


I’m more of a hunter oriented player but I’ve put a lot of time into the alpha, beta, and release and know a few strategies. There are probably better guides on YouTube that you should try to find too. I’ve found that early points into the banshee mines (don’t know if that’s they’re actual name) and vortex are very good at creating space and keeping the hunters away. I would also get good at landing the lighting strike because that is a devastating skill that can deal tons of damage. Sorry this isn’t the best guide but I don’t play the monster very much and I’m more of a Goliath type of guy anyway. Oh and also try not to get caught in caves or enclosed areas. Unlike Goliath the Kraken excels more in open space


Never mind looks like other people already got it covered haha


Im best at kraken, my best advice would be to utilize the fact that you can fly. Especially if you make it to stage 3 you should be flying during battles. For a good build i would start with 2 banshee mine then 1 vortex, next max the banshee mine add 1 more vortex and 1 lighting strike, and last do max vortex 1 more in lighting strike and 1 in after shock or max lighting strike if you plan on flying for the majority of battles. i say that because while fighting if your flying then aftershock is useless but all of your other abilities become priceless. also if you ever need to run away make sure to leave banshee mines in the areas you know the hunters will follow you through so that they take some damage while your on the run. Also while running it may seem that flying is your best choice since its your transverse ability but never just fly straight up in the air to try and get away from the hunters bc then your just a big target with no cover in the air.


Swear to god you’re the best kraken?


I think he meant that’s the monster he plays best.


Awesome tip at the end. I always make that mistake and I didn’t even know I was making one


Yeah haha I misread his comment. Sorry pal


lol no i mean I’m best with kraken, although I’m doing very well with wraith atm


don’t forget your autoattack is ranged when you’re in the air


Yeah I misread it my bad homie. But swear to god the kraken is your best monster?


All the tips you need right here. Trust me.

A lot of tips, ranging from basic to expert, all the lowdown on abilities, combos, etc. Good luck.


lol well its a tie now between kraken n wraith but I’m really good with all three, my current win last as monster is roughly 80% just bc i suck horribly at defend but i usually get straight wins until day 5.


Defend looks fun as a Hunter, but less so as a Monster.


Don’t use Aftershock and always stay in the air.

Shoot the medic first, if Hank is here, deal correctly with it.

During this time, don’t forget to shoot the others hunters as well.

When the medic or Hank die, you automatically win.

Edit: when you are down, sneaking is your best weapon.


i wouldn’t straight up say done use aftershock, at level 3 it takes out more than half of a hunters health so it is viable if you can initiate in close combat.


just a little tip incase you get into a lobby where you never take aftershock

take aftershock

i know it probably messes with your mind that i’m saying that after saying to never ever take it, but changing things up is a way to get burst damage people never expected.

aftershock tactics : set it off while flying way above a hunter and drop down on him very fast as the damage goes off, then banshee and vortex his face